Complete NHL Lockout Coverage

Why Ed Snider does not support the lockout


Ed Snider says publicly that he supports the ongoing lockout, despite reports that claim he's growing uneasy as it prepares to carry into the month of December. But cutting through the rhetoric,...

Sergei Kostitsyn Says He'd Rather Stay in KHL


Often criticized in this space for not shooting the puck often enough, Sergei Kostitsyn has started shooting with his mouth instead. The Nashville Predators forward is quoted in a new Russian...

Prospect chatter and lockout views


Views on the NHL lockout reflect the likelihood of a deal and the absurdity of the whole exercise.

What Changed?


Months of posturing and rhetoric and hard-line stances have given away to what should have been a starting point in labor negotiation talks between the NHL and NHLPA. So what changed that led to...

Oh, crap: New CBA proposal could crush Flyers


You thought Ed Snider and the wealthy NHL owners had power? The league's CBA proposal says otherwise.

Is The NHL's Offer As Good As It Seemed?


The NHL made an offer on Tuesday, and it was a significant one in terms of movement from the owner's sideline, but was the offer as good as it seemed originally?

How the NHL Proposal Would Affect the Islanders


A look at the consequences of the NHL's latest CBA proposal as they'd pertain to the New York Islanders.

Was Burke Smart to Not Deal for Luongo?


The new CBA might punish long deals. Did Brian Burke see that in advance and not deal for Luongo?

Your Move NHLPA


The NHL made a giant stride in attempt to end the lockout and preserve a full 82 game schedule today. Gary Bettman submitted a modified proposal to the NHLPA, with the biggest change being a...

The NHL's Offer is a PR Move and Nothing Else


The NHL's offer today isn't designed to end the lockout, only to raise public support for the owners.

Horcoff takes aim at Bettman calling him a liar.


As the lockout passes the one month mark Shawn Horcoff is clearly frustrated. And the person he seems to be most frustrated with is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Bettman can share in the blame but...

H.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Fellowship of the Revenue'


Young hobbit Grodo Bettmins is given a monumental task: stop the dark lord Fehron and his army of players from conquering Hockey-earth and taking all the owner's money in H.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy...

NHLPA steps up posturing as lockout continues


As the NHL lockout nears one full month there are growing concerns regarding a NHLPA special weapon, as well as whether some Russian players will return to the NHL once a CBA agreement is finally...

Does an NHL lockout hurt your city's economy?


Economic studies suggest that a professional sports lockout doesn't hurt your city.

NHL v. NHLPA: Who cares?


Do you care how billionaires and millionaires split a $3.3Bn pie? One fan explains why this "battle" isn't the one that matters.

KHL's North American Division?


Could the KHL take advantage of an extended lockout to move into North America?

How the Lockout Ruins the Child-Fan in Us


As kids, we have these fantastical imaginations we believe can do no wrong. I had a similar mindset for hockey. But as we grow up, reality sets in and we can't be those child-fans anymore,...

Uncle Fester Releases Statement, No One Cares


Uncle Fester Releases Statement, No One Cares

NHL Lockout: No more being in denial.


For the second time in less than a decade, the league is holding the great sport of hockey hostage. But not everyone is in denial, and that's a good thing.

Which Team Wins from the Lockout?


tl;dr version: Youth wins, age loses

Would you watch replacement NHL players?


Replacement players in the NHL seems like a completely unlikely scenario, but if it were to happen, would you watch the Scab Flyers?

The Lockout is Losing Me


Fans deserve better than a lockout.

Clearing Up the Misconceptions


There have been a few arguments going around during the NHL lockout that are based on a few fan misconceptions that we're going to attempt to straighten out today.

Full season lockout would destroy Pens roleplayers


Crosby, Malkin, Neal and Letang are young....But the guys you win Stanley Cups with are getting older and would be free agents if this season is cancelled.

No hockey means no blundering of rule enforcement


Well, it's a simple positive to take from the NHL lockout+: No games means no screw-ups from on-ice officials or the league officials who enforce discipline.

Lockout 2012: Understanding the Mess

The underlying numbers behind the NHL and NHLPA's proposals might surprise you. Here's a look at what's really going on and how each side's argument may affect the league financially.

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