NHL Realignment

Complete coverage of all of the rumors and speculation surrounding NHL hockey conference realignment.

NHLPA consents to revised realignment plan

The NHLPA has approved the NHL's realignment proposal.

NHL divisions need new names

The NHL came up with new division names for realignment. However, they don't make sense and need to change.

NHL sort of ruined realignment


The NHL has changed its realignment plan a bit, and they got rid of a bunch of the good stuff.

NHL realignment proposal reintroduces conferences

The NHL's latest proposal for realignment involves four divisions in two conferences.

NHL Realignment: NHL's Proposal Breakdown

After a few weeks of speculation, the first proposal for a new realignment plan has been put on the table.

NHL looking at Potential Realignment


As the NHL looks to re-align their conferences, the Pittsburgh Penguins won't see too many changes compared to a lot of the teams around the league. But for the playoff picture, buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.

New Conferences: Historical Head-to-Head Results


In which I look at the historical head-to-head results for the 4 newly proposed conferences and rank the teams in them based on these results.

NHL Realignment: Naming the new divisions


The plan for next season's realignment has been revealed, and the new mini-conferences need names.

NHL Realignment - How does it affect the Habs?

The NHL recently came out with a new proposal to realignment plan, so what are the details and how does it affect the Montreal Canadiens?

Rumored Realignment Renders Rejoicing?


Does the newly proposed NHL realignment spell doom for the future of the Phoenix market, or is there hope for hockey fans in the Valley?

NHL Realignment: Rumored Layout

With the latest rumored NHL realignment plan, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings will be moving to the Eastern Conference.

[UPDATED] NHL Realignment Scenario, Playoff Detail


The latest realignment murmurs again reconstitute the Patrick Division -- and also move Columbus from one Toughest Division in Hockey to the other.

Beating up the Blue Jackets under new realignment


Under the NHL's new realignment proposal, the Columbus Blue Jackets would join the Flyers' division.

Proposed Realignment Breaks Up Central


Will fans be willing to take the time to build new rivalries, or will they bemoan the loss of old ones?

Realignment And The Buffalo Sabres


Realignment is coming next season, here is how it will bode for the Buffalo Sabres.

Report Reveals New NHL Realignment Plan


The Dallas Stars would be in a conference with Colorado, Chicago, Nashville, Minnesota, Winnipeg and St. Louis.

NHL To Kill The Blackhawks/Red Wings Rivalry


The NHL has released a new realignment proposal which moves the Detroit Red Wings in the eastern conference, pretty much ending one of hockey's best rivalries.

NHL Realignment: Are The Wings Moving East?


The Red Wings could finally be getting their wish and moving to the East.

NHL Realignment: Predators to Lose Detroit Rivalry


A proposal to realign the NHL for next season was discussed tonight on Hockey Night in Canada, and it would see Nashville lose the Detroit Red Wings as a close rival in a four-conference setup.


Wings head East under new NHL alignment plan

The Red Wings join the East and the western teams get easier travel in the latest talks.

NHL Realignment Progressing: Goodbye Pacific


The Dallas Stars appear set to leave rivalries with the Ducks and Sharks behind them as better travel and TV start times bring increased meetings with Detroit, Chicago and Nashville.

NHL hopes to approve realignment within 2 weeks

The NHL is hoping to have a new realignment agreement in place within the next two weeks. The league is still interested in using a four-conference format.

Eric Nystrom Playoff Rally T-shirt Concept


T-shirt design, just for fun. Nye's play (and the whole team's) has inspired this.

NHL Realignment: Imbalanced Conferences Will Create Economic Advantage For Eastern Teams


Oh, eastern bias. You're about to get more exaggerated in the NHL. Well, that is if realignment winds up passing with the NHLPA's blessing. The main concern of the union is a mix of both travel...


NHL Realignment: NHLPA Fails To Ratify Proposal Based On Travel Concerns, And That's Silly

The NHLPA has cited extra travel as their chief reason for failing to ratify the NHL's realignment proposal, but that doesn't really make any sense at all, does it?

Everything you knew about NHL realignment for 2012-13 is now wrong


The Players Association has voted against the realignment of the league that was put forth weeks ago.

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