Friday Hockey Fights: Mike Brown Vs. Kris Newbury And The Week's Top Five Battles

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 27: Mike Brown #18 of the Toronto Maple Leafs fights with Kris Newbury #45 of the New York Rangers during the second period at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

In the debut of Friday Hockey Fights, a look at the week's best fights, Douglas Murray stands up for his teammates, Brandon Prust and Tanner Glass renew pleasantries, and Mike Brown gets fast and furious with Kris Newbury.

Friday Hockey Fights is a look back at the best hockey fights in the NHL from the last week. We count them down, five to one, and then you get to disagree with us. It's fun, we promise. And we wouldn't be able to compile the list without the fine work done by the folks at, so be sure to give them a look. As if you don't have them bookmarked already.

We're going to give an honorable mention to the spirited bout between P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens and Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins on Thursday night. We cannot in good faith put a fight in the top-5 list when one participant winds up for a huge swing and almost falls flat on his face, but it does deserve some mention for it's length and sheer awesomeness in the context of the game and the rivalry.

Now, the top-5:

5. Steve Downie vs. Patrick Kaleta

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Buffalo Sabres | Tuesday, October 25

Whenever two pests face off in a fight, it's always a little extra entertaining, and yes, Tampa fans, we know Steve Downie actually is an offensive contributor, but he's also quite offensive in his own right, know what I mean? So watching Patrick Kaleta throw bombs at his face, and vice versa, is quite fun, and these two make their way on the list for the sheer number of connected punches per millisecond. 

Both connected several times and while Downie certainly got the best of Kaleta come the end of the battle with two solid punches, Kaleta doesn't have too much to be ashamed of there. He actually got the best of Downie early on in the fight and we're not sure who actually picked up the W here. Pretty even, maybe even an edge to the Sabre?

4. Brandon Prust vs. Tanner Glass

New York Rangers vs. Winnipeg Jets | Monday, October 24

This was the third fight between Tanner Glass and Brandon Prust, who have faced each other quite a bit in the Western Conference as the MSG commentators mentioned there. This might have been the best of the bunch, too.

Both guys throw several punches and land a good share of them, and we'd call it pretty darn close to a tie, but this one gets a spot on the list because of the sheer length of the fight. And both players applauding themselves as they skate to the penalty box. Awesome. 

3. Douglas Murray vs. Eric Boulton

San Jose Sharks vs. New Jersey Devils | Friday, October 21

It's completely evident who wins this fight, and Douglas Murray probably won't be standing up to Eric Boulton should they cross paths again, but Murray deserves a ton of credit for taking the challenge. He's not a fighter and Boulton has had 22 fights in the last two seasons, but none of that really matters.

As the video showed there, Boulton and teammate David Clarkson were running all over the Sharks, and for Murray to step up and challenge one of the toughest guys in the league to a fight takes a lot of cojones. It's one of those fights where the outcome doesn't really matter -- it's the act of dropping the gloves that sends the necessary message.

2. Jordin Tootoo vs. Aaron Volpatti

Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks | Thursday, October 20

Sure, this one was technically from last week, but we'll let it slide. Jordin Tootoo is doing his job here trying to stir up his team as they trail by three goals, and while the Predators didn't come back to win the hockey game, Tootoo certainly won the hockey fight.

Despite giving up a clear size advantage, Tootoo worked fast and furiously and completely had his way with the Canuck. Once Tootoo started up, Volpatti didn't have a chance.

1. Mike Brown vs. Kris Newbury 

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. New York Rangers | Thursday, October 27

What's there to say about this one that can't be said simply by watching the video? Brown and Newbury absolutely go off on each other, and the speed in which the punches fly is something that hasn't been seen this year in a fight. It's a quick one, sure, but these two certainly pack a whole lot in to a little package. 

Oh, and Brown clearly won. Give Newbury credit for getting back into the fray after a few stuns to the face early, but Brown connected both early in the fight and late, and got the take down to go with it. Best fight of the week, without a doubt. 

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