Winnipeg Jets Prove They're Awesome Twice In One Day

The Artists Formerly Known As The Atlanta Thrashers won't play their first game as the Winnipeg Jets until Sunday afternoon, but late on this Friday, they've proven their worth as being, well, a bunch of badasses. And a little silly, all at the same time.

(None of it has anything to do with the likely bad team that will take the ice this season, by the way.)

Scalpers suck. Sure, they provide some fans with the opportunity to purchase tickets that would otherwise be unavailable, but in Winnipeg, lucky season ticket holders who are scalping their tickets are basically just greedy jerks. You might use more harsh of a word, if you please.

And the Jets aren't letting those [insert word here] do that. 

Winnipeg Jets say a number of season ticket accounts have been cancelled for activity regarding the re-sale of tickets.
Oct 07 via TweetDeck


Then, this, a real life press release from a National Hockey League franchise, presented without comment.

The Winnipeg Jets today announced they have recalled mascot Mick E. Moose from the American Hockey League.
Mick E. has spent the past 15 seasons with the Manitoba Moose of the International and American Hockey Leagues, entertaining kids and adults alike at Moose games and community events.
"We explored dozens of mascot concepts and drawings," said Norva Riddell, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Ultimately, the fact that Mick E. Moose seemed to connect and resonate with so many of our young fans over the past 15 seasons kept bringing us back to our history and the possibility of retaining him as our mascot."
Mick E. Moose, a fan favourite, has averaged over 100 community appearances per season for the past 15 years in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. Slight modifications to the costume have been made this summer by Mascots International, including a new vintage leather aviator helmet.
True North Sports & Entertainment looks forward to having Mick E. Moose continue his tradition of cheering on the home team and entertaining Winnipeg hockey fans.
Mick E. Moose, the new mascot of the Winnipeg Jets, will have a mascot zone at all Winnipeg Jets home games, presented by Recycle Everywhere.    

And with that, Go Jets Go.

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