Friday Hockey Fights: Tanner Glass Vs. Cody McCormick And This Week's Top Five

BUFFALO, NY - NOVEMBER 8: Cody McCormick #8 of the Buffalo Sabres skates to the bench bleeding after being cut in a fight with Tanner Glass #15 of the Winnipeg Jets during their NHL game at First Niagara Center November 8, 2011 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

In this week's look at the best hockey fights from the last seven days, Tanner Glass and Cody McCormick absolutely unload on each other, while Braydon Coburn crushes Steve Downie and Kevin Bieksa charges Jamal Mayers.

Friday Hockey Fights is a look back at the best hockey fights in the NHL from the last week. We count them down, five to one, and then you get to disagree with us. It's fun, we promise. And we wouldn't be able to compile the list without the fine work done by the folks at, so be sure to give them a look. As if you don't have them bookmarked already.

You can see last week's top-5 here. Here are the top-5 fights of this week, dating back to Friday night, November 4:

5. Kevin Bieksa vs. Jamal Mayers

Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks | Sunday, November 6

It's a quick one, and my favorite part of this duel might come before the fight even actually starts, when Bieksa charges at Mayers to engage. After that, it's a pretty one-sided affair. Mayers is able to keep Bieksa in close off the bat, but quickly the two separate a bit and Bieksa certainly does more with the space. 

Mayers may have gotten one punch that connected with Bieksa's face, but Bieksa landed at least three solid ones and nailed the take down. It's not an overwhelming win, but it's a definite win for the Canuck.

4. Cody Bass vs. Zac Rinaldo

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Philadelphia Flyers | Saturday, November 5

Zac Rinaldo is kind of nuts, and last year in the AHL, he had more suspensions than goals. This year he's been able to keep his cool a bit better, and as a result he's become an effective player for the Flyers. In this fight however, the Blue Jackets' Cody Bass came out the victor, and good for him, because it's all about moral victories these days in Columbus.

Bass got the helmet off and landed a bomb right off the bat, and the two exchanged punches for a bit. For a while there, though, it looked like Rinaldo was just trying to keep up. Bass didn't exactly pump up his team, which would allow five more goals against in the game, but hey, whatever.

3. Chris Thorburn vs. Mark Fraser

Winnipeg Jets vs. New Jersey Devils | Saturday, November 5

Probably one of the strangest starts to a fight you'll see, as Fraser just kind of walks up to Thorburn after a scramble at the goal mouth. All Thorburn really did to deserve the challenge was skate towards the crease and maybe slightly bump a Devil -- unless something happened earlier in the game that we're unaware of.

In any event, we're glad they did fight. It was a pretty even battle, and it was an absolute marathon of a fight. Both guys won position, lost position, landed punches, took punches. All in all, just a very entertaining hockey fight.

2. Braydon Coburn vs. Steve Downie

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning | Wednesday, November 9

Steve Downie will fight just about anybody, and even though Braydon Coburn isn't exactly the biggest heavyweight in the world, he's still a really big guy. That's intimidating no matter how well he can throw his mitts.

And although Coburn's lack of fighting skill has been documented in the past, he certainly handles his ex-teammate here. Downie holds on for a bit, but in another lengthy fight, there's no doubt that the bigger dude gets the better of the smaller one here. By the end, Downie's basically pleading for mercy.

1. Tanner Glass vs. Cody McCormick

Winnipeg Jets vs. Buffalo Sabres | Tuesday, November 8

I usually try to get this column published by 12 p.m. ET on Friday. It's about 1 p.m. as of writing this, and I think the delay can be attributed to the fact that I watched this fight about 14 times. It's awesome in every sense of the meaning of a hockey fight, from the reasoning -- frustration, trying to psych up the team and answering a challenge -- to the actual meat of the fight.

McCormick goes off to the locker room with a cut, but there's no doubt that he wins this one. He landed several absolute bombs in the fight and clearly took the edge, but that doesn't mean Glass didn't land a few of his own. Hey, he needed an ice pack in the penalty box. 

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