NHL Trade Rumors: Ryan Miller Hasn't Asked For Trade, But Cory Sarich Has

Bobby Ryan is the subject of trade rumors, and teams are definitely interested in his services. The Ducks have reportedly engaged in talks with some of those teams.

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Cory Sarich Asked Calgary Flames For Trade

Cory Sarich has reportedly requested a trade from the Calgary Flames, but despite his displeasure, it's probably not going to happen.

The news comes via Sportsnet this Friday morning, and it's not terribly surprising. Sarich has been a healthy scratch quite a bit lately, and when guys are getting paid $3.6 million against the cap each year, they expect to be on the ice, not in the press box.

We'll let Matchsticks & Gasoline explain Sarich's predicament:

Sarich no longer brings anything of any value to the club. His contract has been a burden for years and is more than likely immovable. Cory probably feels like he can still play important minutes on an NHL team, and here's where the pity kicks in; because he can't.

I mean, sure, you can throw him out there and he'll play - but he'll take asinine penalties, give up odd-man rushes by taking himself completely out of the play in futile attempts at big hits and turn the puck over at a rate that would make even Anders Eriksson and Andrei Zyuzin shake their heads. 

Harsh, but an honest observation of his play. Sarich isn't worth the money he's guaranteed, and that's an awkward position for everybody that's involved. It also means that he and the Flames are likely stuck together, no matter how many trades he asks for. Hey, at least the deal is up at the end of this season. 


Ryan Miller Hasn't Asked For Trade, Despite Rumors

Trade rumors have circled Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres in recent days, but the goaltender who remains out of the lineup with an injury says he hasn't asked for a trade. Miller told reporters in Buffalo on Wednesday, however, than any such speculation is false.

"I've never in my time here talked to [head coach Lindy Ruff], [general manager Darcy Regier] or ownership about a trade. And they've never come to me asking for any options ... I have a long history here. I feel like I've grown up here. This is where I want to win. There's no better place to win.

The rumors first began off an Edmonton Journal report, which said Miller could be asking for a deal to a California-based team. Jim Matheson, a veteran reporter at that paper who typically has pretty reputable sources, mentioned that in his Sunday column.

We keep hearing that Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is out with a concussion and wouldn't mind if the Sabres traded him. His wife is a California-based actress, but the Los Angeles Kings have Jonathan Quick between the pipes. The Anaheim Ducks have Jonas Hiller as their starter and the San Jose Sharks seem happy with Antti Niemi in net. Buffalo needs a high-end centre, but they have holes elsewhere, too. I don't see a market in California for Miller, whose game has dropped off after his 2010 Olympics heroics in Vancouver.    

Then there was this nugget buried by Buffalo News columnist Bucky Gleason in a column on Wednesday:

It could be, as a source contended before the game, related to a telephone call I hear they had regarding Ryan Miller on Monday about a possible swap for winger and three-time 30-goal scorer Bobby Ryan. It certainly makes sense, huh Jimbo?

Miller for Ryan? Well, that's a blockbuster rumor if you've ever heard one. Generally speaking, where there's smoke there's fire, especially when that smoke stretches to Edmonton from Buffalo, but Miller's statement really couldn't have been much more clear. He doesn't want to be traded, and as one of the best goaltenders in the game, it's unlikely the Sabres would deal him unless he really wanted out. 

For more on the Sabres, check in with Die By The Blade.


Bobby Ryan Trade Rumors Continue To Swirl: Flyers Out, Rangers Still Interested?

Bobby Ryan trade rumors are heating up this Wednesday evening, and it looks as though something could be happening, according to a report from Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia.

Philly and the Flyers seem like a potential destination, given that the team is always involved in such negotiations and given that Ryan is from nearby Cherry Hill, N.J. He grew up a Flyers fan, and the Ducks and Flyers do have a trade relationship with each other. But according to CSN's John Boruk, that's not the case.

Instead, it looks like another Atlantic Division team may be interested in Ryan, perhaps even ahead of the pack.

According to the source, a deal "could" be completed by the end of the week and it appears, as of now, the New York Rangers are the frontrunners. Last week, somewhat surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Lightning were actively discussing a Ryan trade. I would fully expect Toronto and Brian Burke, who drafted Ryan during his days in Southern California, to show interest.     

The Rangers are definitely interested in Ryan, even if just on a preliminary basis. Larry Brooks of the New York Post is as plugged in with that organization as anybody, and he says that while the Rangers have had talks with Anaheim about Ryan, it may just be "tire-kicking." 

Brooks also says that if a deal goes down Wednesday night -- and we'll likely know that by Ryan's presence in the Ducks lineup at 10 p.m. ET -- it won't be with the Rangers. More wait and see, it seems. 


Bobby Ryan Trade Rumors: Anaheim Ducks Forward 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' By Move

Bobby Ryan is the subject of trade rumors, but it doesn't appear as though the Anaheim Ducks are actually shopping him. That's not deterring teams from inquiring, however.

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