Friday Hockey Fights: The Anaheim Ducks Had A Lot Of Great Fights This Week

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 29: George Parros #16 of the Anaheim Ducks fights Brian McGrattan #23 of the Nashville Predators at the Bridgestone Arena on October 29, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

In this week's countdown of the top five hockey fights of the week, the Anaheim Ducks are all over the list. How many spots on our list did they grab?

Friday Hockey Fights is a look back at the best hockey fights in the NHL from the last week. We count them down, five to one, and then you get to disagree with us. It's fun, we promise. And we wouldn't be able to compile the list without the fine work done by the folks at, so be sure to give them a look. As if you don't have them bookmarked already.

You can see last week's top-5 here. Here are the top-5 fights of this week, dating back to Friday night, October 28:

5. Mike Brown vs. Brad Mills

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. New Jersey Devils | Wednesday, November 2

Brown was atop our list last week, and while his Wednesday night duel with Brad Mills wasn't nearly as good as his battle with Kris Newbury a week ago, that's not to take anything away from this one. You have to give the win to Brown on the fight, but Mills held in strong and even seemed to take an edge early on in the bout. 

Brown came back with a vengeance towards the end of the fight, completely taking over and earning a pretty solid takedown. The curious point of this fight, as pointed out in the video, was that it was right off a faceoff, but the two weren't lined up next to each on the draw. In fact, they eyed each other up off the faceoff with two other players standing in between them. You don't see that often.

4. Zenon Konopka vs. Shawn Thornton

Ottawa Senators vs. Boston Bruins | Tuesday, November 1

Thornton and Konopka have fought more than any other players in the NHL this year -- five total fights on the season thus far for the Senators enforcer, four for Thornton. There weren't a ton of punches that landed in this fight, although there were several in there that we can't see all that well thanks to the horrible camera angle from the NESN team.

Overall, this is just a good, entertaining fight all around. Sure, there's a little too much wrestling towards the end, but any time two enforcers go up like this, it's gonna be a solid duel. We'd have to call it a draw to be sure. A highly entertaining draw. 

3. Sheldon Brookbank vs. Derek Dorsett II

Anaheim Ducks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets | Sunday, October 30

This is actually the second fight of the game for these two, and while we won't ruin it for you and say that Part 1 is ranked at the top spot on this list or anything, we will invite you to scroll down. 

Dorsett does a decent job of recovering after staying down for most of the fight here, but there's no doubt that Brookbank got the best of him here. Although, we'd be remiss without giving points to Dorsett for the initial hit on Brookbank that started this whole rematch. 

2. George Parros vs. Brian McGrattan

Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators | Saturday, October 29

It's pretty funny that, essentially, you might be able to attribute Brian McGrattan's lost job in Anaheim during training camp to the presence of George Parros. At least in the "hey, teams don't need two enforcers" kind of thinking. 

The two competitors were certainly on their games last weekend, though, as the two of them methodically exchanged punches in what could be considered a pretty even fight. We'll have to give the edge to McGrattan for turning Parros around a few times for towards the end there, but all in all both men gave a pretty solid effort.

1. Sheldon Brookbank vs. Derek Dorsett I

Anaheim Ducks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets | Sunday, October 30

It's the definition of a draw, but both Brookbank and Dorsett put on an absolute show here. I counted, very unofficially, 26 punches that connected between the two of them in the fight. Many of them were in the face, too. It was a long fight packed with a ton of punches, and both players came out of it unscathed. It's hard to ask for anything more than that in a hockey fight. 

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