Alex Ovechkin Takes Steroids, According To Pittsburgh Newspaper Troll

Remember that time the guy from that newspaper in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania said that Giants fan Bryan Stow deserved to be put in a coma by a Dodgers fan, simply because he wore a San Francisco jersey in Los Angeles?

Yeah, John Steigerwald hasn't exactly learned his lesson.

This is the part where the brother of Pittsburgh Penguins broadcaster Paul Steigerwald accuses Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals of using steroids, because obviously he's declined lately and there has to be some kind of explanation. Steroids, steroids, steroids.

There are whispers and maybe even some out-loud conversations around the hockey world about Ovechkin's problem being a lack of artificial help.

In other words, performance-enhancing drugs.

The guy was superhuman when he first came into the league. He had the hardest shot anybody had seen in years. Goalies around the league talked about how it was different from everybody else's shot.

There have been whispers and even out-loud conversations about this. Amazingly, John Steigerwald is such a good sports reporter that despite the fact that the highest level of athletic competition in his town is Washington Wild Things independent league baseball, he still somehow landed this story. Give this man a Pulitzer. 

Oh oh oh oh wait, it gets better.

Add to that the fact a Washington D.C. chiropractor was investigated after he bragged about supplying steroids to members of the Capitals and Washington Nationals.

After all the tearful, indignant denials by athletes who were later found to be juicers, I've taken the position that if you're performing at a near super-human level and your doctor is arrested for selling steroids, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Not guilty in a court of law, just in my mind. Sorry.

Yeah, uh.... right. I'd argue to the contrary but I don't think it's even necessary. At least he apologized.

Maybe it's not as bad as saying a dude in a coma deserved it, but it's still ridiculous. And hey, I guess it all comes down to that line right there at the top of the page: This article has been read 6,816 times. I'm sure that number will keep on growing, and as it does, even more people will be aware of the stupidity of John Steigerwald.

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