Bruins Fans Plan On Chanting '9-1-1!' After Canadiens Hits Thursday; Are They Going Too Far?

I'm all for making fun of the ridiculous zealotry of Montreal Canadiens fans at any point, but does this campaign by fans of the Boston Bruins take things too far?

As you're likely well aware of at this point, the Bruins will play host to the rival, hated Canadiens tonight at TD Garden in Boston, and for fans of the team, it's much more than just a hyped up game that could turn into another blood bath.

It's a chance to answer the outrage Habs fans showed over Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretty with some sarcastic jabs of their own.


The idea here, according to Bruins blog Days of Y'Orr, is to chant "9-1-1!" right after the first Canadiens hit in tonight's game. Of course, the reference is to the claims from Habs fans that Chara should've been locked up after his hit on Pacioretty, which we agree would've been rather routine had it come at any other point on the ice but right at the stanchion.

We also agree that any calls for Chara to be arrested are absolutely absurd, and we certainly reserve the right to make fun of Canadiens fans for those calls. In that sense, this sign is totally okay. In fact, it's hilarious.

But somebody always takes it too far, and that's what @BosBruinsFan on Twitter did earlier Thursday.


Yes, that's Max Pacioretty of the Canadiens on the ice in those glasses there. Yes, that photo is from after the Chara hit, and yes, Pacioretty suffered a broken vertebra and a severe concussion on the play. Yes, this is taking it too far.

It's clear this guy agrees with Mark Recchi on the subject -- that the Habs "embellished" on the play and that Pacioretty's condition isn't as severe as originally reported. Following Recchi's pretty deplorable comments on Boston sports talk radio Wednesday, other fans have gone to Pacioretty's Wikipedia page to alter the history.


(It changed back about four seconds after I posted that image on Twitter, for the record.)

The Bruins and Canadiens hate each other, and that's wonderful and everything and it makes for great hockey, but we have to know our boundaries. Zdeno Chara doesn't belong in prison for what amounts to an unfortunate hockey play and, sure, the Habs have the motive to embellish an injury to get Chara out for several games, but that doesn't mean it actually happened. 

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