Vancouver Canucks Blown-Lead Rhapsody (As Sung By Queen)

Game 7's are big-game situations where heroes are born. Game 7's following 3-0 series leads -- well, that's epic. This is NHL playoff history in the making on Tuesday night between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks, so much so that I'm sure the league has new commercial templates all ready, one for each potential outcome.

To prepare for this monumental Game 7, I invite you to experience the highs and lows of the Vancouver Canucks' first round set as retold in form of the most epic rock song of all time: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes, it's time to kill six minutes at your office desk with a little bit of creative license. If Freddie Mercury were alive and a Canucks fan, he might have penned this tune.

I've placed the video for Bohemian Rhapsody below. Just click play, then scroll down and imagine the lyrics in your head. If you're in a cubicle, I suggest headphones. And now, without further ado...I present the Vancouver Canucks in Blown-Lead Rhapsody.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (via Frozentoast)

Is this the playoff life?
Or pre-season fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from Duncan Keith
Open your eyes
Look at the scoreboard and see
Roberto left Florida, he needs no sympathy
Because he's backing up with a Gold
Little highs, big, big lows
12-year faith in Luongo, only Game 7 matters to me
To me

Torres, just killed a man
Put an elbow to his head
Slammed the glass, Seabrook's dead
Torres, the fat lady had sung
But Chicago rallied and tied it today

Alain, oh oh
We don't believe your words
If Roberto's not backing up this time tomorrow
Schneider carries on, carries on as if nothing really matters

Too late, the lead is gone
Sent critics to our line
Daggers out all the time
Three years in a row, against Chicago
We relaxed and now we have to face the truth
Roberto, oh oh
No more fat rebounds
But we shouldn't even be here at all

I see a little shadow of a season
Ryan Kesler, Ryan Kesler, will you score a goal?
Even strength is lacking, very very frightening me
Ryan Kesler, Ryan Kesler
Ryan Kesler, Ryan Kesler
Ryan Kesler, score a goal
Score a goal!

Cory's just a poor boy, not a rich goalie
He's just a poor boy, he never wore a C
No twelve-year cap hit that's ugly

Easy come, easy go, will the twins go?
Daniel! Henrik! They will cycle down low
Daniel! Henrik! Cycle down low
Daniel! Henrik! Cycle down low
Cycle down low (always)
Cycle down low
Cycle low
Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal

Oh Cory Schneider, Cory Schneider
Cory Schneider, let Lou go
Mike Gillis has a cap hit put aside for me
For me
For me

So Bickell tried to take out Bieksa's eye
So the bandwagon has gone and left us to die
Van-couver, we won't panic yet Vancouver
Just gotta get one, just gotta get one right here

One game, one game
Blown leads don't matter
Even the Hawks can see
Only Game 7 matters
Only Game 7 me

12-year faith in Luongo...

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