Marty Turco Loses In-Game Bet With Canadiens Fan

If you were an NHL veteran goalie who lost his starting gig to some young kid, you probably wouldn't have nearly as much fun as Marty Turco's been having in that situation this season.

We watched earlier in the year as he rolled his eyes at the absurdity (just assuming that part, actually) of NBC's Pierre McGuire, and who could forget his door-opening prank on Roman Polak?

Now, he's betting fans in Montreal. Real, actual money, too. During the game. 

Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

A Montreal Canadiens fan and season ticket-holder named Robert had an interesting time Tuesday at the Bell Centre.

So he called into Game Points with Matthew Ross on Team 990 in Montreal after the Canadiens' 2-1 overtime win against the Blackhawks. He apparently had a bet going with Hawks goalie Marty Turco.

Awesome? Yes, awesome. 

In case you're unable to listen, the fan, a Habs season-ticket holder, was sitting next to the Blackhawks bench right where Turco was perched throughout the game. They made a few different bets throughout the game, each one a little heftier than the other.

He initially lost the bet, in which he was hoping that the Blackhawks wouldn't score for the rest of the game. When Patrick Kane scored midway through the second to tie the game, he slipped 5 bucks through the glass -- but not before writing "Habs Rule" on the bill. Via @MoeKhan:


But it didn't end there. The fan raised the bet a bit, ultimately settling on a 5-to-1 bet that the Habs would win the game. When P.K. Subban scored in overtime, the Habs walked away with the victory, and this fan walked away with "a wad of $5 bills." Turco included the original $5 in that wad, and he crossed out "Habs Rule" to wrote "Turco Rules."

All allegedly, of course (although I mean, there is a picture). As the Sun-Times points out, Turco could face some kind of fine here, but really, isn't that worth it? Hell of a story this guy in Montreal has now.

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