Man Reportedly Arrested, Charged For Throwing Banana Peel At Wayne Simmonds

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Chris Moorhouse Reportedly Charged In Wayne Simmonds Banana Throwing Incident

London, Ontario resident Chris Moorhouse, the man accused of throwing a banana peel at Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds, was reportedly arrested and charged for the incident on Wednesday. Simmonds was in the midst of a taking a penalty shot against the Detroit Red Wings on London last week when a banana came flying from the stands in what appeared to be a racially-charged incident.

Moorhouse reportedly faces an interesting charge for the incident, which seems sort of like a catch-all for situations such as the one involving the banana.

London, Ontario native Chris Moorhouse has been charged with "engaging in a prohibited activity on a premise under the provincial Trespass to Property Act" for his alleged involvement in that ugly situation. CTV reports that a conviction carries a maximum fine of $2,000.

Three days after the incident, Simmonds was caught on tape yelling what appeared to be a homophobic slur at Sean Avery during a preseason matchup against the New York Rangers. He will not, however, face disciplinary action for whatever it was he yelled after the NHL deemed the evidence inconclusive.

For more on the Flyers, head over to Broad Street Hockey.


Wayne Simmonds Won't Be Punished For Alleged Slur Directed At Sean Avery, Says NHL

After investigating allegations that Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds directed a homophobic slur at Rangers forward Sean Avery, the NHL decided it did not have conclusive evidence to levy a punishment. Colin Campbell, the league's senior executive vice president of hockey operations, released the following statement:

"Since there are conflicting accounts of what transpired on the ice, we have been unable to substantiate with the necessary degree of certainty what was said and by whom. Specifically, Flyers Player Wayne Simmonds has expressly denied using the homophobic slur he is alleged to have said. Additionally, none of the on-ice officials close to the altercation in question heard any inappropriate slurs uttered by either of the primary antagonists. In light of this, we are unable at this time to take any disciplinary action with respect to last night's events. To the extent we become aware of additional information conclusively establishing that an inappropriate slur was invoked, we are reserving the option to revisit the matter."

Even though the league couldn't find conclusive evidence, it seems evident that Simmonds crossed the line by reading his lips in the following the video: 

In any case, Campbell did reaffirm the league's stance against homophobic language in his statement: 

"All Players, Coaches and Officials in the National Hockey League deserve the respect of their peers, and have the absolute right to function in a work environment that is free from racially or sexually-based innuendo or derision. This is the National Hockey League's policy and it will remain so going forward.

"It also is important to emphasize that the National Hockey League holds, and will continue to hold, our Players to higher standards with respect to their conduct both on and off the ice. While we recognize that the emotion involved in certain on-ice confrontations may lead to the use of highly charged and sometimes offensive language and commentary, certain lines cannot be crossed."

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