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2014 Stadium Series: Winter Classic and Heritage Classic headline six outdoor games

The Red Wings will play the Maple Leafs in the Winter Classic and the Canucks will take on the Senators in the Heritage Classic as the NHL launches the Stadium Series with six outdoor games in 2014.

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Photo: Dodger Stadium with a hockey rink

Ever wonder what Dodger Stadium would look like with a hockey rink? Well then, you're in luck.


Canucks, Sens to play Heritage Classic at BC Place

The Heritage Classic makes a return with the Canucks and Senators at BC Place.


Blackhawks, Pens to play outdoors in 2014

The Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins have been confirmed to play an outdoor regular-season game at Soldier Field in 2014.


NHL to host 6 outdoor games in 2014

According to multiple reports, there will be not one, not two ... not three or four or five ... but SIX outdoor games during the 2013-14 NHL season.


NHL announces Winter Classic return

The National Hockey League's signature outdoor event will makeup for the cancelled game earlier this year.


Winter Classic to be announced Sunday

The NHL is expected to announce the 2014 Winter Classic this Sunday at Joe Louis Arena.


Winter Classic jerseys leaked?

Do you think these are the jerseys the Maple Leafs and Red Wings will wear at the 2014 Winter Classic?


Report: Winter Classic back on

The 2014 Winter Classic will feature the Maple Leafs and Red Wings, making up for the lockout-canceled matchup from this season, according to a report.


NHLPA statement on Winter Classic cancellation

Donald Fehr, executive director of the NHLPA, calls the cancellation "unnecessary" and places all blame for the lockout's continuation on the NHL.


Refund policy for 2013 Winter Classic

The NHL has announced the refund policy for the 2013 Winter Classic, which was canceled on Friday.


Winter Classic officially canceled

The NHL has dropped the hammer, canceling the 2013 Winter Classic and the Hockeytown Winter Festival on Friday. Reports indicate that the 2014 game will be held at the Big House.


'Next' Winter Classic to be held in Detroit

The 2014 Winter Classic will be hosted by the Detroit Red Wings at the University of Michigan's football stadium, just as it was supposed to be in 2013.


Report: Winter Classic canceled

The 2013 Winter Classic will be canceled on Friday.


Report: NHL tells sponsors Winter Classic is off

The NHL is informing sponsors of the 2013 Winter Classic that it will be canceling the event on Friday, according to a report.


Canceling Winter Classic? A hasty, stupid move

The 2013 Winter Classic could hit the history books Friday as the NHL makes what would be an incredibly hasty, stupid decision.


NHL will not cancel Winter Classic on Thursday

The NHL will not be canceling the 2013 Winter Classic on Thursday.


NHL to cancel Winter Classic on Thursday: report

The NHL will cancel the 2013 Winter Classic on Thursday, according to a report.


Winter Classic cancellation next week?

The Winter Classic could be on the chopping block next week.


Winter Classic deadline set for Nov. 20

The NHL will have to determine by Nov. 20 whether they will hold the 2013 Winter Classic, according to a report.


Many fearing 2013 Winter Classic now in jeopardy

NHL staff have no future plans to visit Ann Arbor, making many fearful that the ongoing NHL lockout is threatening the 2013 Winter Classic.


Winter Classic 2013: Michigan Stadium Needs Special Liquor License To Serve Alcohol At Game

University of Michigan officials are looking to the State House of Representatives this week to approve legislation that would make it legal to serve alcohol at Michigan Stadium for the 2013 NHL Winter Classic. The House Regulatory Reform Committee will reportedly hold a hearing Wednesday to discuss the legislation. The school needs a temporary liquor license large enough to accommodate the 109,000-plus Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs fans that could pack the stadium on Jan. 1.

The university does not allow any alcohol to be served at campus sporting events. However, one of the NHL's stipulations in their agreement to rent the stadium was that the ban be lifted. The approved license would be good for 30 days, long enough to cover all festivities leading up to the game itself.

The Michigan athletic department will take a healthy payday from the Winter Classic. After expenses, the school expects to net a $3 million profit.

For more on the 2013 Winter Classic, check in with Red Wings blog Winging It In Motown,Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets, SB Nation Detroit, and our StoryStream.


Winter Classic 2013 Between Red Wings, Maple Leafs Has Potential To Be Biggest Ever

The 2013 Winter Classic will be played at Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in North America. It will break records, and it has the potential to be the largest event in league history for more reason than one.


Winter Classic 2013 Tickets: Gary Bettman Says '115,000 Or More' Seats Will Be Available

2013 Winter Classic tickets are likely going to be hard to come by, but playing the game at the largest stadium in North America isn't a bad way to ensure as many people get to see the game live as possible.

At the press conference announcing the details of the 2013 Winter Classic at the Big House, Michigan Stadium, Gary Bettman promised that the event would shatter the record for attendance at a hockey game.

"Even with 115,000 or more tickets available, we still won't have enough to satisfy the demand," Bettman said while lauding the 110,000 seat capacity of Michigan Stadium. "A capacity we expect to challenge and surpass when the Maple Leafs and Red Wings resume their historic rivalry."

At the 2012 Winter Classic in Philadelphia, a very limited public sale of tickets -- brokered through an online lottery -- was made available following distribution to Flyers season ticket holders, New York Rangers ticket holders and league sponsors. The same was the case in Pittsburgh back in 2011, but the massive capacity of the venue in 2013 should make purchasing tickets at least slightly easier.

The only way to truly guarantee tickets is by purchasing Leafs or Red Wings season tickets, but otherwise, the NHL has set up a pre-sale website following Thursday's announcement. It crashed almost immediately due to a heavy traffic load.

For more on the 2013 Winter Classic, check in with Red Wings blog Winging It In Motown, Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets, SB Nation Detroit, and our StoryStream.


Winter Classic 2013: Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings To Play At Big House, Other Events At Comerica Park

There are 41 miles between the Big House, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, and Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers downtown in the state's largest city. Fans, players and media alike will get used to that trek at New Year's 2013, as the NHL announced Thursday morning that Winter Classic festivities will be held at two separate sites for the first time in the history of the event.

The 2013 Winter Classic will be held at the Big House in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, January 1 between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs. It's the largest stadium in North America and it'll certainly be the largest outdoor game in NHL history when it comes down to the sheer numbers.

But that's the only event that'll be held outside of Detroit. The rest of the Winter Classic festivities will be located in Detroit, primarily at Comerica Park, and the official NHL hotels will be located downtown. Here's a full (as of now) list of games scheduled to be played at the ballpark during Winter Classic week:

- An Alumni Game between Leafs and Wings alumni.

- An AHL game between the Toronto Marlies and Grand Rapids Griffins. This'll be the second year an AHL game is played as part of the Winter Classic, but it's the first in which the two affiliates of each NHL participant will face off against each other.

- Two Ontario Hockey League games: London Knights will face the Plymouth Whalers and the Windsor Spitfires will face the Saginaw Spirit. Both games feature Ontario teams and Michigan teams, and it's the first year junior hockey will play a part in the Winter Classic.

- The Great Lakes Invitational, a four-team NCAA Div. 1 mens hockey tournament typically held at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, will be played at Comerica Park.

Teams from outside of Michigan typically take part in the event, but it'll be a different story this time around as Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan Tech and Western Michigan will be the four participants. While a Michigan team has won the event each of the last six years, it hasn't been an all-intrastate affair since 1998.

That's all we know for now, but more events will almost certainly be announced in the coming months. This really will be the biggest Winter Classic we've seen to date.


Winter Classic 2013: Chances Of Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs At Michigan Stadium 'Extremely High'

There's been a lot of scuttlebutt surrounding the potential of the 2013 Winter Classic coming to the Big House at the University of Michigan, hosted by the Detroit Red Wings. There's been even more regarding the potential of the Toronto Maple Leafs playing in the game as the visitor, despite the fact that they're in a Canadian market and thus essentially useless to the American television interests that control the NHL's marquee event.

But as reports have surfaced and those rumors have grown stronger, it's seemed less and less like the NHL and NBC care about the downsides of having Toronto play in the 2013 game. According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, speaking on television Thursday evening, it's almost a done deal that this will be the matchup come New Year's Day next year.

Extremely high. I can in fact confirm those reports that the NHL's desire is that the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Detroit Red Wings at the Big House, the University of Michigan football field. It'll be configured for 115,000 in terms of attendance. It's not finalized yet, but by the end of the month there's expected to be a formal announcement. The NHL is well down the road.

Who knows? Maybe the announcement will even come at the All-Star Game in Ottawa in late January. The news is getting Leafs fans very, very excited, and our friends at Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets are just downright giddy about the possibilities. Better start saving your Loonies and Toonies now, guys.

For more news surrounding the 2013 Winter Classic, stick with our StoryStream.


Winter Classic 2013: Michigan Reportedly In 'Advanced Discussion' To Host Game At Big House

The NHL is inching closer to finalizing an agreement to play the 2013 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium, according to a report on Wednesday. The Detroit Red Wings have been the front-runners to host the next Winter Classic, with Michigan Stadium the desired location.

The report comes from Puck Daddy's Jeff Arnold, citing multiple sources near the negotiations.

One source, who spoke on a condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the matter, said Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon wasn't initially sold on the idea of the NHL hosting an outdoor game at Michigan Stadium. But over a matter of a couple of weeks, the source said "something happened to make it go from looking like it could happen to [a point where] it probably will."

Should an agreement be reached, the Red Wings would likely play the Toronto Maple Leafs at the stadium affectionately known as The Big House. Michigan Stadium seats upwards of 114,000 fans for football games, making it a potentially lucrative investment for both the NHL and the Wolverines.

For more on the Detroit Red Wings, visit SB Nation's Redwings blog Winging It In Motown and SB Nation Detroit.


Winter Classic 2013: Detroit Red Wings Frontrunners To Host Game; Michigan Stadium Contacted

The 2012 NHL Winter Classic is only a few days old, but the speculation for where the 2013 game will be held has already started. The NHL just might already have it's destination in mind for the 2013 NHL Winter Classic. The current speculation is that the game will be held in Michigan at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor or at Comerica Park. Given the location, the signs point to the Detroit Red Wings as the hosting team for the game.

The NHL is in the early workings of setting up the game, but they have approached the University of Michigan about hosting the game. "We have been approached by the NHL about utilizing our facility for the 2013 Winter Classic," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said in a statement. "There are a lot of complex circumstances that need to be ironed out before anything moves forward. We will have more to say if/when something materializes."

For more on this year's Winter Classic, head over to SB Nation's build-up to the game, head over to our NHL Winter Classic StoryStream. For more on the Detroit Red Wings, visit SB Nation's Redwings blog Winging It In Motown and SB Nation Detroit.

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