James Dolan interview: Rangers owner misses John Tororella, hopeful about team

Ever mysterious, and rarely interacting with the media, James Dolan once again "broke the silence" in a sit-down interview.

James Dolan sat down for an exclusive interview with the New York Post, where he dished on topics from the Knicks, to Madison Square Garden, to the Rangers. Dolan provided some interesting insight into his philosophy as an owner and his take on the Rangers as they're currently constituted.

On John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault

Dolan said he ... wait for it .... actually misses the former Rangers head coach. The owner went into his relationship with the Torts, including an anecdote (that Dolan laughed at) about Tortorella banning him from the locker room. Sure, Dolan said it was "all in fun,"  but would it really surprise anyone if Tortorella actually banned his boss from the locker room? Dolan said he's developing a relationship with Alain Vigneault, who will likely ban Dolan from intermission Zamboni rides.

On the future of MSG

Despite a decree from New York City that Madison Square Garden has to relocate in 10 years, Dolan said he thinks the building will remain where it is. Dolan said he thinks the history behind the building, combined with the renovations it underwent these past three summers, are enough to keep MSG on top of Penn Station.

On Glen Sather

Dolan was also asked if there's a contingency plan for if and when Glen Sather, the team's GM, retires, but indicated he's in no rush to see him go. Via the Post:

"Ultimately it's got to be my call but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Glen and still feel very lucky to have him. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I don't know if there's anyone else in the NHL that's better than him, but he's got to be close to the top. His understanding of the game, his understanding of what makes a great player, and also he's pulled off some trades I looked at him and said, "How did you do that?" As long as he'd like to stay I'd like to have him."

Are the Rangers still on track to win the Cup?

Dolan was also asked about the postgame press conference he hijacked a few years ago, during which he proclaimed the Rangers were on track to win a Stanley Cup. Again, via the Post:

"Yeah, I do. This is going to be an interesting year because we have a new coach and a new system. I'm heartened by what I've seen, it looks like the team is picking up on the coach's strategy looks like they're starting to jell, [Rick] Nash is coming back, we'll see how that impacts the team. I like what I see. So much of hockey is playoffs, just like basketball, we've made the playoffs a bunch of times now but we haven't ... the closest we came was conference finals."

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