ECHL coach puts team through 60-minute bag skate after loss

Toledo Walleye coach Nick Vitucci was so furious with his teams effort on Wednesday night he made them skate for an hour after the game ended.

Toledo Walleye coach Nick Vitucci decided to take a page out of the Herb Brooks playbook after his team's 7-0 loss to the South Carolina Stingrays in ECHL action on Wednesday night.

Furious with what was, in his view, a lack of effort, Vitucci put his team back out on the ice for a grueling hour-long bag skate that had to be reminiscant of that scene in the movie Miracle ("Who do you play for?").

"There was no effort," Vitucci said, via the Toledo Blade. "We have to look long and hard at this hockey club right now. They failed to play tonight any part of 60 minutes so we're going back out there right now."

And he wasn't done.

"I've never had to do this," Vitucci said. "Any one of a dozen people we could pull out of this lineup after tonight's game and not even have to think hard about it. The challenge is to figure out which ones to pull out because half of them were terrible."

Just in case you didn't believe that something like this could actually happen in a professional league, Stingrays PR man and broadcaster Joseph Zakrzewski was live-tweeting the whole thing.

One of two things is going to happen after this. Either his team is going to get the message and come back with fire in their eyes, or they're going to be completely drained and have nothing left in their next game on Friday (also against South Carolina).

Based on his history, Vitucci seems to be a little intense during games. Here he is throwing a temper tantrum during a game against the Wheeling Nailers back on Feb. 25, 2012.

He seems like a pretty level headed guy.

(Video via @GeekMisconduct)

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