NHL trade rumors: Martin Brodeur open to waiving no-trade clause

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Brodeur is open to being traded if the New Jersey Devils aren't in a position to qualify for the postseason.

For two decades, Martin Brodeur has been the face of the New Jersey Devils. In the event New Jersey finds itself on the outside looking in on the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs, Brodeur is open to leaving the only team he's ever known.

Brodeur told Richard Chere that he would consider waiving his no-trade clause to join a contending team if the Devils don't have a chance to qualify for the playoffs, via NewJersey.com:

"I hope it will never happen, but if there is a situation that could be really fun for me and really good for the Devils, why not? It's not like I'm going to play 25 more years here," Brodeur said yesterday.

It's an honest and logical assessment of the situation. Brodeur's career is going to end sooner than later, and most assume it will conclude after this season. New Jersey already started preparing for this inevitable outcome when they acquired Cory Schneider at last June's draft for a first-round pick. The writing's on the wall and it's clear as day.

The Devils need to rebuild a bit and have an asset that other teams might be interested in. Brodeur is on his last legs but for a team that thinks they have an opportunity to make a push he might be an ideal candidate to come in as a 1B backup. Of course, whether he'd be open to backing someone up is a unknown variable (he probably wouldn't be).

Brodeur states he wants to make the playoffs with the Devils and would turn down a trade if it was brought to him at this time. Further down the road might be a different story though:

"I'm not looking for that. I want to get back into the playoffs with this team and try to do something with this team. I would say 99 percent I'd say no right now. But for a little bit of time (in the spring)? Nobody is going to remember it, really. It wouldn't be that big of a deal."

Brodeur confirmed that he would be open to re-signing with the Devils after the season if he was traded:

"There is no doubt about that. It's not like a buyout. I could do whatever I want."

Ultimately, it's all hypothetical talk for a team that is underachieving at the moment. The fortunate component to all this is the Metropolitan Division is terrible and New Jersey could find themselves in striking distance of a playoff spot if they can pull things together at some point, aka, if they start scoring goals.

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