NHL Scores: Blackhawks best at quarter mark of season


The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Nashville Predators 3-0 to remain unbeaten in regulation.

Our slate of six Sunday NHL games served up blowouts, shutouts, fights, and a catfish on the ice. Read on to find out who won, who lost, and who got beaten up.

All The NHL Scores

Get caught up on last night's NHL scores with recaps from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here's a quick glance at the full night of action:

Kings 2, Red Wings 3

Oilers 3, Blue Jackets 1

Bruins 3, Sabres 1

Lightning 1, Rangers 5

Devils 3, Penguins 1

Blackhawks 3, Predators 0

Five Answers

Prior to last night's games, we presented five burning questions regarding the night's action. Here are your cool, soothing answers.

1. Will the Los Angeles Kings finally start looking like the defending Cup champs?

They played a great game, putting 47 shots on Detroit's Jimmy Howard, but in the end the Kings couldn't score more than twice, and the Red Wings won the game with a late goal. The Kings have been struggling to get wins thus far this season, but underlying stats say that they are once again one of the best teams in the league. In the long run their luck has to change, and wins will start showing up - but is a 48-game season a long enough run?

2. Will the Chicago Blackhawks ever lose a game?

The Blackhawks won again, playing a near-perfect game against the Predators and even overcoming the power of a rally catfish.

3. Can the New York Rangers start building some consistency?

A 5-1 win over the Lightning looked good for the Rangers, even though New York gave up a bunch of breakaways to Tampa Bay early in the game. That's the type of mistake you are allowed to make when you have Henrik Lundqvist in net.

4. Will the Devils be able to stop the Penguins two games in a row?

Yes. The Devils swept the home-and-home series with Pittsburgh, winning with a solid 3-1 effort that bored Penguins fans.

5. Will any actual hockey be played Sunday night in Buffalo?

There was only one fight in the Bruins-Sabres game Sunday night, but it was a great one. After the physical first period was over, however, things settled down and a hockey game broke out. Boston scored a couple of pretty goals to claim the victory.

Impact Moment

What moment from last night's games will be making headlines in the coming days?

The Blackhawks decisive win moved them to 10-0-2 on the year, despite having played only two home games. Until their good luck wears off (check out these ridiculous shooting percentages), no one will be talking about anything else.

Stat of the Night

The Blackhawks are great.


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