NHL Schedule 2013: Five questions for Thursday

Al Bello

There are 6 games in the NHL on Valentine's Night. Here are five big questions we want answered.

1. How will J.T. Miller perform in what might be his last game this season for the Rangers?

From Blueshirt Banter:

The New York Rangers and J.T. Miller are very soon going to be at a crossroads. The Rangers have five games to see what they need to see in regards to J.T. Miller. The moment he suits up for his sixth game he become ineligible to have his ELC slide a year and the first year automatically burns off.

Tonight the Rangers will take on the New York Islanders and try to extend their three-game winning streak. It also happens to be the fifth and final game before the Rangers are forced to make a decision on Miller.

2. Can the Capitals build on the momentum of their thrilling comeback Tuesday and start turning things around?

The Capitals scored two goals late in the third period on Tuesday to tie their game against Florida at five, then won the game in overtime. They're still the NHL's worst team at the quarter mark of the season - but winning tonight to make it three in a row could be a sign they are finally heading in the right direction.

3. Can Ben Scrivens do the job for Toronto?

With starter James Reimer out due to injury, the Maple Leafs are going to be leaning hard on Scrivens for the next few games. Can he stand the pressure, or are we looking at another Brian Elliott situation?

4. Will the Coyotes complete the road sweep?

In the ultra-competitive Pacific division, the Coyotes are currently fourth - but they've been hot lately. A win tonight would give them the full six points out of their three-game road trip.

5. Which team is worse tonight: the Wild or the Avalanche?

As Hockey Wilderness explains, neither team has been especially good lately:

The Wild should really be able to crush the Avs tonight. The Avs are currently in last place in the softest division in professional sports, and are simply not playing very well at all. The operating word is should. With the way the Wild have played the last six games, the Avalanche are more likely to look like the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight.

Wow. Could you imagine the Wild playing a team like the Pens? Oof.

This game is going to be one of two things. It is either going to be the game when the team wakes up and busts loose for 5 goals, or it will be another 1 goal game, and someone's seat is going to begin to get very, very hot. And not in a good way.

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