NHL Scores: Penguins win shootout in Toronto, Ryan Suter returns to Nashville

Frederick Breedon

It was a Saturday night full of big hits.

It was a big day of hockey on Saturday with ten games on the schedule. Three games went to overtime, three star centers were injured and one former Predator had a rude welcoming in Nashville.

Let's get to the action you might've missed.

All The NHL Scores

Get caught up on last night's NHL scores with recaps from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here's a quick glance at the full night of action:

Bruins 3, Flyers 0

Islanders 5, Capitals 2

Blue Jackets 3, Red Wings 0

Blues 4, Sharks 3 (OT)

Penguins 5, Maple Leafs 4 (SO)

Hurricanes 6, Devils 3

Canadiens 4, Lightning 3

Wild 2, Predators 1 (SO)

Coyotes 2, Stars 1

Kings 6, Flames 2

Five Answers Takeaways

Prior to most games we usually present five burning questions regarding the night's action. However, we decided to change it up yesterday. Instead of pondering about the games ahead, we went into the night with an open mind. Here are our five takeaways from yesterday's action, with a little help from our NHL blogs.

1. The Blue Jackets have some fight in them.

I joked earlier on Twitter on Saturday that the Blue Jackets are still at the bottom of the standings even though they're playing well right now. Turns out the joke was on me. You have to give Columbus credit for how they've managed to drag themselves out of the basement in the Western Conference, as they're now just four points out of a playoff spot. It helps when they play a team that played their worst game of the season. Winging It In Motown writes:

I feel very comfortable in saying that was the Wings' worst effort since the season opener against the Blues. They did nothing right in any facet of the game, and if they miss the playoffs by a few points, I want them to take a good hard look at how they played today against a very beatable team and realize that's where it went wrong.

2. The Flyers are slumping badly.

Kind of an obvious statement, I know. Philadelphia's 3-0 loss to Boston on Saturday extended its losing streak to three games. And it's the same problems they always face: costly turnovers and horrible defense. And as Travis Hughes at Broadstreet Hockey writes, something's gotta give:

And for the powers that be in the Flyers organization, how much longer will they sit around and not do anything about it? Today's loss to the Boston Bruins, when combined with the two other losses in what was viewed as a hugely important week for this team last weekend, feels like a breaking point. Maybe it will be, maybe it won't be. But with less than half a shortened season left and a spring without playoffs staring 80-year-old Ed Snider in the face, I'd be shocked if that breaking point has yet to appear over the horizon.

3. Predators fans are really, really bitter about Ryan Suter's departure.

Ryan Suter said he expected to hear boos upon returning to Nashville for the first time since bolting for the Wild in the offseason.

Well, he got them. Here's his first shift:

And on and on it went. That's what he heard every time he was on the ice.

He admitted it got to him a little bit after the game:

Part of being a Nashville fan is hating Ryan Suter now, apparently.

Ultimately it didn't affect Suter, who logged 28:59 in ice time and assisted on a Zach Parise power-play goal.

4. The Devils need to start playing better early in games.

Now, New Jersey has been playing very well early in games during their slump. By better I mean: score goals. The Devils are now 1-6-1 in their last eight games and are in danger of being passed by the Rangers in the Atlantic. Johan Hedberg is struggling mightily, and it seems like the only answer is either hope that Jeff Frazee plays well in his stead or the Devils start scoring early with more consistency.

5. Scott Gomez should win the Hart Trophy.

Just kidding. Kind of:

Scott Gomez has scored 14.9 points per $1 million in salary earned so far this season. Sidney Crosby? Just 8.6 I'm not suggesting Gomez is your midseason Hart Trophy frontrunner but, um, well I guess I am suggesting that.

Impact Moment

What moment from last night's games will be making headlines in the coming days?

This Martin Hanzal hit on Jamie Benn could be bad news for the Dallas Stars.

Stat of the Night:

Steven Stamkos is not of this world.

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