NHL playoffs 2013: Why you should root for the Chicago Blackhawks

Jim Prisching

Greg Boysen from Blackhawks blog Second City Hockey argues why you should jump on Chicago's bandwagon in the 2013 playoffs.

The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs are right around the corner, and your favorite team did not make the cut. Who are all you guys and gals in Tampa, Winnipeg, Nashville, Calgary and New Jersey going to attach yourselves to during this postseason?

If you want to stay interested through the Stanley Cup Finals, jump on board the Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon. Yes, we are a weird bunch in Chicago. We talk a little funny, smell a bit like Italian sausage and have a very strange adoration for a really good mustache, but we are a friendly folk.

When deciding whether or not to "Commit To The Indian," you must look at what the Blackhawks are and what they are not. The Hawks are an Original Six team. They have the history and the legendary names like Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Glen Hall and Tony Esposito. Chicago has its tradition of cheering loud and proud for The Star Spangled Banner. During the playoffs, the anthem will give even the hardest soul goose bumps.

The 2013 Blackhawks are President's Trophy winners. They started the season off by getting a point in a record-setting 24 straight games. They are finishing up the season just as strong by earning 21 points, out of a possible 24, in their last 12 games. The Hawks have the best captain in the NHL, Jonathan Toews. They have the star power with Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith. The Hawks also have the grit with the likes of Andrew Shaw, Bryan Bickell, Michael Frolik and Brent Seabrook. You can be the first person on your block to show your love for Brandon Saad, before he is household name. Between the skill, the passionate play and the intra-squad bromances, this team is hard not to like.

If that isn't enough to get you into the black and red, you can also take into account what the Blackhawks are not. First and foremost, they are not the Pittsburgh Penguins. NBC is not shoving the 'Hawks down your throat every chance they get. Pierre McGuire is does not have a Jonathan Toews tattoo, but I am pretty sure he has a No. 87 on there somewhere. The Blackhawks are not the Vancouver Canucks, the team everyone loves to hate because, frankly, they make it so damn easy. They are not the Boston Bruins, a team full of guys only a mother could love. The Hawks are not the St. Louis Blues, who think they can win a Stanley Cup with goons instead of actual talent.

Trust me when I tell you that you won't regret jumping on the Blackhawks bandwagon this postseason. This team is primed and ready for a long run in the playoffs. It is a very deep and talented team that can roll out four lines every night. Plus, if you don't cheer for the Hawks, Jonathan Toews will just stare a hole into your soul.

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