NHL playoffs 2013: Why you should root for the Vancouver Canucks

Rich Lam

Kent Basky from Nucks Misconduct wouldn't mind if you jumped on the Canucks bandwagon, but honestly wouldn't care much if you hate them either.

The 2013 NHL Playoffs are about to begin, and some of SB Nation's best and brightest are here to plead their cases explaining why you should cheer for their team. I'm here to tell you that I am not going to do that. No detailed explanations about why certain players are misunderstood, no charts or graphs. No fancy stats. I'm here to say I really don't care if you cheer for the Canucks or not.

After years of seeing people who most often are safely tucked in their beds while my team plays suddenly be given credibility as to what makes the Canucks tick, I've reached the break point. If you consider yourself an intelligent hockey fan, yet buy into the moronic braying of Damian Cox, Mike Milbury or Don Cherry (and so many others), I don't care if you hate the Canucks.

We've seen so many examples of the media pulling out the knives for the team, and hockey fans following suit, only to see down the road that they weren't exactly right. Take your pick, there's lots to choose from. Roberto Luongo (funny to see how they were wrong about him AND Tim Thomas, who turned out to be the arrogant flake Lu was painted as), or riots (Boston has no moral ground to mock others on this, nor does LA). So it's situations like this and others that just made me realize how little I have come to care about what others think about the Canucks now.

Last year a number of Canucks bloggers started a theme for the season, and #EmbraceTheHate was born. It was designed to kind of accept some of the criticisms of the team and turn it into a position of strength. For the most part, it didn't do a whole lot, as the hockey world decided that Ryan Kesler and the Canucks were the only team in hockey that embellished, turning a blind eye to the master class put on by Master Thespians Brown, Doughty and others. All teams dive. My team dives. Your team dives. So if you think this still needs to be an issue, or the team's purported softness, or the pathetic gender-based insults of the Sedins, I'd like to introduce a new theme for this year: Whatever.

Yup. Does it sound childish? I hope so. That's the intent. It's meant to step down to the level we've had to endure for years from the press and other fans alike.

So that's it. Wanna cheer on the Canucks after a season so bizarre they have to be the least likely team to make it? Whatever. I don't care. Wanna fawn over team employees getting paid to heckle and pile on as they lead you like sheep? Whatever. What I say isn't gonna make a damn bit of difference. Enjoy the playoffs.

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