2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs nightly GIF recap: Going on the offensive


It was a Saturday full of exciting offensive hockey.

Saturday was a good day to warm up some hot cocoa, curl up on the couch and then spit out your drink and exclaim loudly and profanely. The playoff action was exciting end-to-end, controversial and downright brutal at times. And we've documented it all here for you in GIFs.

Also, if you were drinking hot cocoa while watching hockey then I'm glad you spit it out. Shame.

(Ed. Note: Thanks to Dominik Jansky for the Caps-Rangers part of this recap.)

In Washington, Steven Oleksy drew one of the game's few penalties after roughing up Derek Dorsett, then drawing him to push back:


Nice sell on the call there.

Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin showed off some mad soccer skills, kicking the puck at mid-ice to create this Capitals 2-on-1:


But the real story of the game was a goalie's duel between Henrik Lundqvist and Braden Holtby. Sometimes Lundqvist is so good that he forces shooters like Marcus Johansson to take too long:


And sometimes he is so good because even when a guy like Nicklas Backstrom nutmegs him, it still miraculously goes wide:


Lundqvist wasn't the only one to mix a little good fortune with good play though. Holtby is still thanking the hockey gods that Rick Nash hit the post on this breakaway late in regulation:


Apparently NHL rules demand that no matter how good the goalies are, someone must score before we can all go home. Thankfully for fans hoping to catch the Kentucky Derby in between playoff games, Mike Green finally obliged:


The evening slate began in Boston, where the two teams were just launching ballistic missiles at each other from the first puck drop. Joffrey Lupul was a monster, with eight shots on net and two goals. His back-to-back goals in the second set the tone for Toronto.



Yes, that was Matt Frattin making a great pass. That's also probably the last time I'll have to write his name this season.

The two goalies were under siege all game. James Reimer stopped 39 shots, and Tuukka Rask stopped 32. Tuukka was at his best during this crazy sequence. His teammates are really good at standing around and watching the game. I bet they're really good at watching things in general.


Ultimately, Rask's efforts weren't enough. Phil Kessel scored his first, and James van Dreamsdyk Riemsdyk scored this beauty to seal the 4-2 win.


He skated in alone BACKWARDS. Good job, good effort, Boston.

If the Leafs manage to blow Game 3 in their own barn against that defense, Dave Nonis will probably do this again.


Meanwhile, things were getting nasty in Detroit. Justin Abdelkader will probably be suspended for knocking Toni Lydman out of the game on this hit.


And Jimmy Howard made it clear that he didn't like Corey Perry.


That was probably just his frustration boiling over, because the Ducks scored four times on him on Saturday. The two teams racked up 52 penalty minutes, and Howard was forced to try and bail out his team numerous times on the penalty kill.

Oh, and on the power play.


Yeesh. Six more years of that, Jimmy! The Ducks won 4-0 and took a 2-1 series lead.

We finished up in Los Angeles, where the Blues and the Kings were trying to knock each other out of the building. It might've been the most physical game yet in a series already known for its brutality.

For example, massive amounts of chaos ensued on the Kings first goal.


Oh, and it also lived up to its reputation as one of the dirtier series. Witness the Kings being the Kings.


They are also mean to people who touch their goalie.


Ultimately Quick and the Kings prevailed. Los Angeles trails St. Louis 2-1 in the series after their 1-0 win.

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