Canucks vs. Sharks: Cory Schneider given nod for elimination game Tuesday night

Derek Leung

The Vancouver Canucks trail the San Jose Sharks, 3-0, in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Cory Schneider will be given the start as the Canucks face elimination.

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Cory Schneider will be starting against the San Jose Sharks in Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals, the team announced on Tuesday afternoon.

Schneider missed the first two games of the series due to an undisclosed body injury. Backup goaltender Roberto Luongo played in those games, which ultimately resulted in Vancouver losses. Schneider returned in time for Game 3 but fared no better than Luongo.

In fact, Schneider played worse than Luongo, allowing five goals on 28 shots. In Schneider's opinion, he let the team down and didn't put them in a position to win. While that was seemingly the case in Game 3, the Canucks' offense has failed to surface against San Jose and has only produced a total of five goals in three games.

Despite Schneider's struggles (his first start in nearly two weeks), the team has decided to remain with him in goal instead of returning to Luongo.

Considering that Luongo's time is believed to be nearing an end in Vancouver, it's not surprising they decided to take this course of action. Schneider is considered the Canucks' goaltender of the future (at least, we're under the assumption he is the Canucks' goaltender of the future). How could the team not start him in an elimination game and hold him in that regard?

It appears the only way Luongo starts over Schneider is if Schneider is hurt. While many play up the Vancouver 'goalie drama,' it's not really a 'goalie drama,' but more of a 'Luongo drama' (and that certainly isn't because of Luongo). Luongo has acted professionally throughout the whole situation and has waited patiently for the Canucks to send him to an organization willing to let him play.

Ultimately, Schneider is considered the No. 1 in Vancouver and is going to play.

He will attempt to keep the Canucks' season alive when the team faces elimination on Tuesday night in San Jose.

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