Canada vs Latvia hockey: Latvian player saves goal with illegal play


Latvia has gotten away with a lot of infractions in their game against Canada, but none so egregious as this one.

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There have been a lot of missed calls in the game between Latvia and Canada that have kept the game close, but none were so blatant as Kristaps Sotnieks stopping a trickling puck from going over the line with his glove.


It was pretty obvious to anyone, but the officials were too busy figuring out whether the puck crossed the line to pay attention to the fact that the reason it didn't was a glove pulling it off the line.

Closing your hand on the puck in the crease is an automatic penalty shot for your opponent in hockey, but maybe the referee didn't have a good vantage point for the goal? That happens in the flow of play sometimes.

(image courtesy @Dr_Habs)

Oh, nope. Clear line of sight there, he just... missed it? Somehow?

Luckily for Canada, Shea Weber managed to score shortly after on a powerplay to bring Canada ahead by one goal, breaking a 1-1 tie that was causing all of Canada to either hold their breath or hyperventilate.

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