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Pat Iversen | May 12, 2014

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014

Highlights and reaction from Sunday

Martin St. Louis scored as emotions ran high in a tight Game 6 between New York and Pittsburgh.

5 things to know
  • Martin St. Louis makes Mother's Day special
    Martin St. Louis lost his mother on Thursday, so it was remarkable that he even showed up to the rink for Game 6 a few days later. But, what better way to honor his mother's memory than scoring the first goal on Mother's Day? It was perhaps the finest moment of the NHL season, and we wouldn't be surprised if every fan in Madison Square Garden was shedding tears.
  • Bryan Bickell is the Holy Grail of the NHL Playoffs
    Bickell scored his sixth goal of the NHL Playoffs, which means he's tied for the league lead for goals in the postseason. Think about that. Bryan Bickell has as many or more goals than Anze Kopitar, Zach Parise, Patrick Kane or Ryan Getzlaf. That second period goal was also his 18th tally in just 49 playoff games, and he boasts an absurd 19.8 shot percentage. No wonder the 'Hawks seem to always turn it on when the playoffs start.
  • Hockey players can't use water bottles responsibly
    Another night, another #Watergate incident. And this time it featured two NHL stars! When Henrik Lundqvist washed Sidney Crosby's face with water, it became just the latest in a series of immature hockey incidents this spring. Between water spraying and everyone hitting each other in the balls, the 2014 NHL playoffs are basically a sixth-grader.
  • Minnesota wastes a golden opportunity
    For a moment in Game 5, it looked like the Wild had the Blackhawks right where they wanted them. After an early goal, Minnesota pressed their advantage and kept Chicago discombobulated for the rest of the period. But, when the Wild took their foot off the gas, the Blackhawks took control of the driver's seat and never let go. Now the Wild face a difficult task: beating the defending champions twice in two games with their season on the line.
  • New York got under the Penguins' feathers skin
    Trying to goad your opponent into losing their cool when your season is on the line is a fine line to walk, but the Rangers played that game perfectly on Sunday. Pittsburgh gave into New York's antics, played recklessly and took a lot of unnecessary penalties as a result. By the end of the game, James Neal was ejected and even Sidney Crosby was engaging with sneaky spears and shoving matches with Dominic Moore. The Penguins can't afford to let the Rangers get in their heads in Game 7.
Saturday Schedule
Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens BOS leads, 3-27:30 p.m. ET | NBCSN / CBC Bell Centre, Montreal, QC
Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Series tied, 2-210:00 p.m. ET | NBCSN / TSN Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif.

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