Fresh Links: Flameout Edition


Peter Chiarelli flummoxed by Iginla trade, there are other options. The Pens are not invincible. Would a defenseman would be a better target? Explaining Johnson delay of game penalty. Savard thinks Jagr/Krejci would be magic. Dougie on a highwire?

Boston loses twice in one night

The schadenfreude, was spectacular last night as the Bruins had both a win and Jarome Iginla in their grasp, only to lose both.

Mike Felger embarrasses himself once again

You have to give it to Bruins fans, when they grab a narrative, they do everything in their power to stick with it.

Fresh Links: Apres Moi Le Déluge Edition


The Habs drop the Bruins in shootout, Iginla drops Bs for Penguins. Scoring floodgates opened, Krug looked good, we still have Bartkowski and Khokhlachev. Budaj relieved Price. Hab Ryder was first star. 3rd period jinx redux despite passionate play.

Retour sur le match Canadiens vs Bruins

Nous aussi on sait faire le dos rond, bon.

Highlights of the Habs 6-5 shootout win

The Canadiens were outplayed by the Bruins for most of the game, but they rallied to take the game in dramatic fashion.

Top Six Minutes - The NHL's greatest show

Let's be honest for a second here, the result tonight doesn't matter. The rivalry between the Canadiens and Bruins is the best show on the planet.

Third Period Thread - Habs at Bruins

The return of the dreaded second period meltdown couldn't have possibly come at a worse time.

Second Period Thread - Habs at Bruins

Now that was some Habs/Bruins hockey. The Canadiens dominated early, and finally got a goal out of it.

3 Questions With...Andrew Berkshire of HEotP

He's everyone (except everyone)'s favorite writer and commenter at HEotP so I figured I'd pick what's left of his habs-addled brain.

Just one question with Stanley Cup of Chowder

I asked Cornelius Hardenbergh just a single question today to highlight the rivalry between the Habs and Bruins.

Game Preview - Habs at Bruins

Can the Canadiens take a second road victory, and a leg-up in the standings, from their most hated rivals?

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