Lucic the Destroyer: Emelin Out for the Year


Don't get into fights with Chara and then get near the Bruins bench in Montreal in the last game of the season. It doesn't end well. Obviously in 2011 there was an unfortunate neck-breaking...

Habs own the Bruins in 2013

The Canadiens took full advantage of the absence of Patrice Bergeron to take the season series with the Boston Bruins.

Bruins' PP: An embarrassment to the game

Youtube user Chieftans4 has done the world a favour by putting the Bruins' powerplay from last night online. I don't think he changed a thing.

Retour sur le match Canadiens vs Bruins

Manquait quelque chose aux Bruins, mais pas au CH.

Highlights of the Habs' 2-1 win over the Bruins

The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins to win the season series 3-1.

Top Six Minutes - Does it get even better?

The Montreal Canadiens take the season series against the Boston Bruins 3-1, each game won by a single goal. This is hockey.

Third Period Thread - Habs vs Bruins

Michael. Ryder. I know he's riding percentages and shooting the lights out. I really don't care. Michael Ryder man.

Second Period Thread - Habs vs Bruins

The first period ends with the Canadiens winning the possession battle, and up 1-0 on the hated Bruins.

Game Preview - Habs vs Bruins

Back on their home turf, can the Habs emulate their road success against one of the league's best teams?

10 more Habs/Bruins questions with SCoC

To close out the Habs-Bruins season series, EOTP and Stanley Cup of Chowder have decided to do a parting 10 questions.

Sam Pollock: Fleecing the Bruins

Following the 1964 draft, Sam Pollock orchestrated a trade between his Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The trade involved four collegiate prospect players; three skaters and one goaltender: Ken Dryden.

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