Thursday's Dump & Chase: Why I Hate the Lightning


For those of you who are unaware, the Predators run a promotion with Dunkin' Donuts which awards each fan in attendance with a free donut should the Predators post a shutout at home. This has turned out to be the cheapest promotion in sports history.

Kid Ish's Pizzametrics, Week 19: In His Defense


The Olympics were a lot of fun. Cam Fowler made me proud of his development as a young defenseman and angry at Dan Bylsma for misusing half his blueline. This is a tribute.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: NHL Hockey is Back!


The league returns tonight with the marquee matchup everyone's been waiting for…Carolina at Buffalo. Buckle up, folks…this one's for all the marbles!

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Whatever.


I haven't really been paying attention, but apparently Canada took first place in something or other today. Congratulations, I guess.

Duck Tales: Fasth Nears Return To Ducks Lineup


So, logically, TRAID JONAS HILLER!!! (No, not really).

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Pekka's (Sort of) Back!


In pads. Skating around. Facing shots. This is all great news. We still don't really know when we'll see him in a game, and I don't think he'll play more than ten, but that's certainly better than zero.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Loser Leaves Town


The Loser Leaves Town matches are underway, and Austria is the First Loser (congrats!). Norway is currently down 2-0 to the Soviets, so it looks like they're next.

Monday's Dump & Chase: Team USA Will Play For Gold


Final score: 6-1. Shots: Team USA 70, Sweden 9. Pure domination. I don't know about you, but I'm PRAYING the Canadians advance in the second semifinal later today. We've got some unfinished business.

Duck Tales: Is Team Switzerland A Medal Contender?


T.J Oshie's shootout victory against Russia has become national news, but Jonas Hiller is the tournament's sleeper.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Captain America!


Wow, what a game, right? The Best Team won, Putin was there to see it, and Top Preds Prospect Alexander Radulov took two penalties that lead to power play goals. Good times.

Friday's Dump & Chase: So Far, So Good


Not a bad start for the Men's team with a 7-1 beatdown over some country, and the Women are in the Semifinals on Monday. Next up for the fellas…those dastardly Soviets bright and early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Canada Gets Lucky


I have one question for the officials in the US-Canada game today…are you corrupt, or just really, really stupid?

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