Bob Hartley is a Poor Coach


Lost in the kerfuffle of suspensions and fines for the coaches of the Canucks and Flames respectively, is one very important piece of information: Bob Hartley showed his hand as a shortsighted and poor coach.

Tortorella Suspended 15 Days


Or, 6 games of the Canucks' schedule. Let's hope the team responds positively after their coach provides a rally cry.

Henrik Sedin's Ironman Streak Ends


Bruised ribs will keep Hank out of the lineup vs the Oilers tomorrow night. His streak ends at 679 games played without missing a game, which is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Embrace The Hate Wrap Up


It's been quite a week, hasn't it Canucks fans? Here's a wrap up of some of the most awesome irrational, nonsensical, bizarre and just plain stupid Canucks hate of the last week on Twitter.

Sunday's Coyotes Tracks - brawl in Vancouver


Coyotes win their second in a row, LA loses on a goal that shouldn't have counted and John Tortorella meets Flames in their tunnel.

Friedman: Tortorella To Have Hearing On Monday


A coach trying to go that far to get at an opposing coach is so entertaining to watch. Unfortunately it lands the coach in a lot of hot water.

GDT: Canucks vs. Flames


We've got your Canucks v. Flames banter here.

Hockey Day In Canada, Eh?


It's Hockey Day In Canada, that manufactured holiday where we all gather around and get nostalgic about the CBC, good Canadian boys and antiquated notions about how we think we remember the game. It's all a bunch of crap.

Flames Vs Canucks: 5 Q's With Nucks Misconduct


Sean Zandberg of the inimitable Nucks Misconduct was kind enough to answer some of our questions going into tonight's matchup. How's our old friend Bobby Lou, and which Sedin is irreplaceable?

Flames At Canucks Preview: Guess Who's Back?


Burrows is slated to make his return, but several other Canucks are questionable for this one, including the Iron Man himself.

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