Rick DiPietro

New York Islanders #39 - Goalie

  • Born: 09/19/81
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 190

FlightZone: Frolik Going to Arbitration?


Following the success of The Night That Was in the playoffs, I have made the decision to share links everyday. Name is still a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome.The Jets elect to take...

April Fools' Links - Holiday For Amateur Jerks

Today panders to the people who think they're clever but actually aren't. I will not appease those asswipes today. Instead, click on things that are actually happening.

[Bits] Bridgeport win; Parenteau on Isles days


The NHL is on Olympic hiatus -- just imagine what NHL Network will come up with! -- but we are not. So here are links for you to deal with as you see fit.

Wednesday Links - Avalanche(s)!

I do something. Blues play a game. Are the Blues a rival of the Avs? Beyond Checkerdome. Goals. Suspensions (AGAIN). Crazy former Blues. AmnesDiPietro. A group of Mizzou fans being dicks. And a...

Quick Hits: Smith Close To Returning


Today's Quick Hits

Checking in on the Checkers


The AHL affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes look to step up their performance after a tough start to the season.

[Bits] Eyes Wide Shutout.


NHL news and notes for New York Islanders fans. The Islanders are out-of-sorts in a shutout loss to Carolina, Rick DiPietro is on the road back and Claude Giroux is on his way the door.

The (Many) Trouble(s) with Evaluating Goalies


How should we evaluate how goalies are playing when short-term data is so variable and uninformative?

Proper Care: The Rick DiPietro Owner's Manual


After a buyout and few months of rest, Rick DiPietro has signed a try out contract with the Charlotte Checkers of the AHL. Islanders fans recommend they read this manual thoroughly before...

[Bits] Cappy eases; BST struggles; RDP (re)debuts


The day after fuming about his team, Jack Capuano eased up and focused on staying positive.

Silver Nuggets: Opting out of a rebuild

Sometimes veteran players aren't interested in being a part of their team's rebuild, and that's fair. But examples in recent history demonstrate that there's a right way of opting out and a very,...

Sunday's Dump & Chase: The Tax Man


After last night, I think I've paid my fair share of the "Entertainment Tax" for a while.

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