Anton Babchuk

Calgary Flames #33 - Defenseman

  • Born: 05/06/84
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 212

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XC: 111-109


Chapter 90 focuses on defensemen Anton Babchuk, Roger Johansson, and Charlie Bourgeois.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter LXXIX: 152-149


Today's article features former Flames Captain left winger Dave Lowry, center Brendan Morrison, right winger Tony Amonte, and left winger Richard Kromm.

Hurricanes Re-Sign Brett Sutter For One-Year, (TW)


Checkers Captain will try to make Canes this training camp

Joe Pavelski makes it seven in a row

Captain America's goal with just over two minutes remaining gave the Sharks their seventh consecutive victory, matching a season-high winning streak.

Game 48 Preview: A Sutter Bros Rematch in Tinseltown


We could probably start every single game preview from here on out with: this is a must-win game for the club; but the other side of the coin is whether or not the game is one that the team s...

Wednesday's Hot Coals


First a few thoughts about last night's abortion of a game. Seriously...what a horrible game to watch. Even worse then usual with these two teams. -The PP is now 2 for 34 at home. That's basically...

Lee Stempniak Is How Good?


Who's been the best on the Flames in the early part of the season? A look at what fancy stats tell us.

Game 11 Recap: I Love Surprises


Ten Thoughts -Lee Stempniak is a pretty good forward. To the casual eye, he's been completely underwhelming but is killing it in terms of possession. You can chuck Tanguay in here too. -So Miikka...

Game 6 Recap: Bad Luck


How I reacted to the Rangers goal with .5 seconds left in OT. Ten Thoughts -I like Scott Hannan. He is good at hockey and saved at least two goals. Likewise, Matt Stajan was pretty good tonight...

Game 4 Recap - Iginla Snuffs Flames


Hockey is a team game and it just isn't fair to call one player out very often. Especially one that is worshipped as a deity in Cowtown. It borders on the blasphemous but imo Iginla cost the Flames...

Reasonable Expectations: The "High End" Offense


How will the top end of the Calgary Flames' offense look this year? We take a brief look at the situations various players will be in.

Understanding Advanced Stats, Part Five: Quality of Teammates, Zone Starts, Zone Finish and GVT


Advanced stats are not perfect and are mostly useless as evaluators of talent (like pretty much any other stat) without context, and the bigger the sample size the more accurate a stat will...

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