Rob Niedermayer

Buffalo Sabres #20 - Center

  • Born: 12/28/74
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 203

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter LIV: 265-261


The second half of our summer-long countdown gets underway today with centers Ron Niedermayer and Bryan Hextall, defensemen Randy Holt and Ron Harris, and right winger Jim Jackson.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XXXVII: 350-346


Your daily Flames dispatch is here! Today, we look into the Flames' careers of centers Claude Lapointe and Ron Sutter, defensemen Shane O'Brien and Mike Commodore, and left winger Mike Leclerc.

This Week In Ducks History: Getzy's First Goal


Remember when Ryan Getzlaf used to score goals? Yeah, we don't either, but his first one apparently happened this week.

This Day In Panthers History: October 1


How were you feeling about the Panthers after two consecutive playoff appearances? They faced off against the Flyers on October 1st, 1997.

LBC's All-Time Florida Panthers Roster Countdown: 16. Paul Laus

Today, we pay homage to Florida's enforcer supreme and original Panther, Paul Laus.

Rob Niedermayer: 2010-2011 Report Card


With the end of the 2010-2011 Buffalo Sabres season over, we take a look at all of the players who donned a Sabres jersey this season. This is our look at Rob Niedermayer.

Daily Links for Thursday, April 21


After a huge win last night by the Sabres the series is back at 2-2. So now it's down to a best of 3 series, withGame Five tomorrow in Philly. ECQF Game 4: Ryan Miller brilliant again as Sabres,...


VIDEO: Rob Niedermayer Enjoys Scoring

Rob Niedermayer scored his second goal in as many games with a subtle power move.

Daily Links for Monday, March 7


We did it everyone! We're in the playoffs! Jimmy, release the balloons! Minnesota Wild vs. Buffalo Sabres: Game Recap - Hockey WildernessMinnesota Wild 2-3(ot) Buffalo Sabres: Drew Stafford's...

Choose Your Rob Niedermayer Goal Month: February, March, April Or None?


Still without a goal to his name, will Rob Niedermayer eventually bury one?

Daily Links for Wednesday, Jan. 19


I dedicate last night's Sabres win to the amount of hatred I have for Scott Gomez, which is to say a lot. I hope that game winner looked good from the penalty box, Scotty. It's a slump no matter...

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