Rich Clune

Nashville Predators #16 - Left Wing

  • Born: 04/25/87
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 207
2013-14 Predators 58 3 4 7 -7 166 0 0 1 29

Wednesday's Dump and Chase: Happy Birthday Jack!


What does this have to do with hockey? Basically nothing that I can tell, but he's *from* Nashville, and let's face it, it's kind of a slow news period right now.

Are You Feeling Lucky?


Preds defenseman Michael Del Zotto has a lot of skill and potential upside, and is still in his early twenties. But for what he brings to the ice currently, is the amount required to qualify him...

Monday's Dump & Chase: The Season Is Over


For us, anyway. Our offseason begins today, and I'm really hoping this team wastes as little time as possible articulating what they plan to do to change course. Another year of "Predator Hockey"...


More like Bryzfallov, right?

Ilya Bryzgalov added another highlight to his blooper reel.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Make It Stop!


Please, guys. PLEASE. For those in attendance tonight. For those watching or listening at home. And lastly, for us here at OTF. We're running out of pictures of Port-a-Johns, dudes puking, sinking...

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Why I Hate The Stars


It's quite simple really. It's not because of any potential new "rivalry", or any particular play, or whether or not they really won the Cup in '99, or because Rich Clune hates them.


Rich Clune wears his own blood

Rich Clune lost a fight with Adam Pardy and he did not seem to care.

Predators 4, Kings 3: Whew!!!


Just like Thursday in Phoenix, the Nashville Predators got out to a big lead on the road. Just like Thursday, they blew that lead in the 3rd period. But unlike Thursday, this time they pulled out a...

Antioch Hockey Center: Trick or Treat?


A new community center that the Nashville Predators will manage has inspired some civic leaders while prompting others to wonder about the center's potential, in light of the costs associated with...

Barry Trotz Digs the Hockey Analytics


Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz livened up an otherwise nondescript day for hockey news by dropping a little hockey analytics knowledge on beat writer Josh Cooper, defending the utility...

Preds vs Islanders Update: Viktor Stalberg to Play


The big news heading into tonight's Nashville Predators vs New York Islanders tilt is that winger Viktor Stalberg is being re-activated from Injured Reserve, and is likely to play tonight.

Why Opponents of NHL Fighting Are Wrong


Everyone fears for player safety. So why should fighting stay in hockey, when only the NHL allows it? I'm glad you asked.

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