Andrew Raycroft

Dallas Stars #30 - Goalie

  • Born: 05/04/80
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 178

Henrik Sedin's Ironman Streak Ends

Bruised ribs will keep Hank out of the lineup vs the Oilers tomorrow night. His streak ends at 679 games played without missing a game, which is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Tuesday's Coyotes Tracks - Hawks Win It All

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks became champions of the NHL in truly spectacular fashion. Plenty on that and lots more in today's edition of the Tracks.

PPP Charity Trivia Time! Questions 13-14

Day Seven of the PPP Trivia Contest! Know stuff! Win cards! If you want to take part and haven't signed up, please take a moment to do so! Today we have what might be the best goaltending performance in Leaf history, plus a guy who could score a bit.

Andrew Raycroft Is The Worst

The Not-So-Sweet Sixteen has a new champion.

(1) Craig Billington v. (2) Andrew Raycroft

Which goaltender was worse: Craig Billington or Andrew Raycroft?

(2) Andrew Raycroft v. (14) Alain Chevrier

Which goaltender was worse: Andrew Raycroft or Alain Chevrier?

(2) Andrew Raycroft v. (7) Tim Cheveldae

Which goaltender was worse: Andrew Raycroft or Tim Cheveldae?

(2) Andrew Raycroft v. (15) Brian Boucher

Which goaltender was worse: Andrew Raycoft or Brian Boucher?

The Crease Question

Of the Canadiens' 22 remaining games, how many should backup Peter Budaj start?

Breaking Down the Stars Back-to-Back Woes

Poor penalty killing and a swing in save percentage have left the Stars on the wrong end on nearly all second games of back-to-backs in the Glen Gulutzan era.

Andrew: "The eyes behind the mask drew me in"

Love isn't really a choice, it's something that you find or it finds you. Loving the Habs was an inevitability.

Number 1: Who Wore It Best?

Who wore it best?!

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