Jean-Sebastien Aubin

Philadelphia Flyers #35 - Goalie

  • Born: 07/19/77
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 180

It's On: Kings vs Sharks

The Ducks blew it, so now the Kings will have to play a decent team in the conference semi-finals.

Best Canucks Masks, Round I: Alfie Michaud vs. Peter Skudra


With John Garrett and Dunc Wilson still battling, we'll move on to our next first round match-up of forgettable back-ups with unique masks: Alfie Michaud and Peter Skudra. Vote your soul away.

Andy McDonald, Meet Gift Horse


Andy McDonald, Meet Gift Horse. In interview, Andy Mac compares Ducks fans to Kings fans. Not cool, bro.

Musatov Leads Atlant to Another Win; Växjö Closer to Elitserien


The European hockey playoff season continues, with the underdog Atlant Moscow Oblast team taking a second road win to open their Conference Final series with top ranked Yaroslavl. Also, the...

HIFK Evens Series with OT Win, DEL Quarterfinals Begin


The Battle of Helsinki continues as HIFK ties up the series with an OT win, while the Conference Finals begin in the KHL. Meanwhile, the DEL quarterfinals begin in Germany, and the major junior...

Where Are They Now? Episode Three


The reign of error from which we were delivered last year had a number of defining characteristics. Sure, incompetence might seem like just one characteristic but I guess what I am saying is that...

Leafs 1 v. Bruins 2: Death by a Million Paper Cuts


Game RecapIf I had six words to describe the game then the post title would do just fine. The Leafs looked very much like a team that just had 5 days off. Despite putting forth a decent effort...

Leafs 6 v. Devils 7 (SO): Dancing with theDevil


Game RecapScoresheetStatistics The Leafs came up against the Team That Lou Built (shadily) and Mr. Dithers and proceeded to play them off the rink. A relentless forecheck caused the Devils defence...

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