Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez betting odds preview

Mike Stobe

Floyd Mayweather has been a guaranteed winning bet, but the price of that wager has always been very expensive. It's affordable against Canelo Alvarez, but its also far from a sure bet, according to Odds Shark.

For more than a decade, betting on Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been a lock, a guaranteed winner and a perfect wagering decision.

It has been an expensive undertaking, though, with lots of risk and minimal reward because his foes were always such big long shots. But the upcoming superfight between Mayweather and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez (42-0-1) offers a rare opportunity to bet on the best in the sport at a reasonable price.

Action on Mayweather to win is currently coming at -260, far less than the -650 (against Guerrero) or the -800 (against Cotto) in his last two fights. For boxing novices, Mayweather boxing odds showing Floyd at -800 to beat Cotto meant risking $800 to turn just a $100 profit.

So why is Mayweather coming at such an affordable price this time around? It's not like he's showing any signs of slowing down of late, and his speed and boxing skills match up well against his current opponent.

The reason, or reasons, that he has been handicapped so cheaply has little to do with Mayweather and more to do with his opponent. Action on the 23-year-old Mexican challenger has been just as reliable over the span of his career and Alvarez will be the toughest challenge that Mayweather has faced in at least three years.

Alvarez is as tough as nails and hits very hard, giving him a good chance to find Mayweather's chin and shock the world with an epic upset victory. The Alvarez upset will currently pay as much as +240 at some books, and the buzz in the industry has many believing that he can do it.

Besides the physical attributes he brings with him every time he steps into the ring, he also will have the advantage of Oscar De La Hoya's insider information on how Mayweather behaves in the ring.

De La Hoya and Mayweather fought to a close split decision back in 2007, and as a member of the Golden Boy stable, Alvarez will be privy to everything De La Hoya knows on fighting Mayweather. Too bad De La Hoya will watch from a rehab clinic, after he checked hismelf in this week.

Over/Under action is set at 11.5 rounds as the most likely outcome is a Mayweather decision win. It's tough to envision Alvarez stopping Mayweather, but if he can, the Under will pay +230. The Over 11.5 rounds price is currently set at -350 and goes up fast from there if you buy more rounds.

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