#Olympics hub of the #LOOKIT section

Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski do NHL highlights

The NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs needed a jolt of sass.

Charles Oakley was on 'Chopped' and was amazing

Can NBA star Charles Oakley pull the upset?

Was Bob Costas' pink eye from ‘botched Botox'?

The New York Post says yes. NBC says no. We say ¯\(°_o)/¯

Gold medalist teams up with Conan for fake TV ad

Olympic Gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg was already great, now he's dropping info on refinancing he's even better.

Evgeni Pluschenko will broadcast spinal surgery

No thanks, we're good.

Map shows world by size relative to medal count

Big Norway! Non-existent South America! Pretty neat visualization here.

Sochi Bear cries giant mascot tear

The saddest bear in all of Sochi cried at the end of the Olympics.

Team USA can't stop dancing

Must ... keep ... dancing.

Russia calls back ring failure in closing ceremony

Russian self-deprecation!

Every Canadian ever watched hockey, even in church

Hockey was at 7 a.m. Sunday morning... but that didn't stop EVERY CANADIAN PERSON EVER from watching.

Canadians promised free lap dances if they medal

(With proof of medal)

Skier sees the comedy in his 4.20 score

Lyman Currier didn't have the run he wanted at Sochi, but the score he got seemed to work for him anyway.

Sochi broadcasters wage USA-Canada border battle

The North American border war found a home in Sochi.

Bob Costas walks right into Matt Lauer's eye joke

He never saw it coming. (Because eyes.)

Curling loves AC/DC on bagpipes

Sochi's most underrated sport has some of the best music.


America and Canada can't really fight, but between ice dancing, women's hockey, and tomorrow, men's hockey, EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE.

Here's how close USA was to Olympic hockey gold

This goalpost is public enemy No. 1 in America.

Wolf or not wolf? The experts weigh in

Wolf-ish? Yes. Wolf? Likely not, say the experts.

Photo finishes are better when everyone crashes

Frame-by-frame anatomy of a three-man crash at the men's ski cross finish line.

US Olympian Kate Hansen meets 'wolf' in Sochi hall

This, like everything else, is just a Jimmy Kimmel hoax.

This girl's hair is the biggest Olympics fan

The original is amazing, the photoshops are magic.

Russia's hockey loss too much for bear to bear

How Russia feels about hockey elimination — on the face of one sad, nightmarish Sochi mascot.

Russia's hockey coach wants you to eat him

Things are going great for Russia. Just super great.

Inglorious Backes scores from insane angle

I'm not sure what Czech goalie Ondrej Pavelec is doing here, but either way, David Backes just scored from a ridiculous angle.

Russians react to tough hockey loss

Russians made it no secret that no matter what happened at these Sochi Olympics, their national pride rode on the back of their men's hockey team. That team lost on Wednesday and will not even get to play for a medal. Here's how Russians took the new

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