Onions! Behind the buzzer-beaters

March Madness is about upsets and buzzer-beaters like the huge three by Jordan Gathers of St. Bonaventure's. But it's the zone the Bonnies put in play that allowed madness to happen.

Onions! From the A-10, with Chaz and spiders

Tidbits from four games at the Barclays Center, from a thrilling comeback performance for a Brooklyn boy to another Brooklyn boy fighting for his career. And, oh, dear goodness, that Spider.

Today is POPPIN' THURSDAY in conference tourneys

If you're on the NCAA Tournament bubble, you can't afford to lose in the first round of your tournament like Georgetown. If you do -- POP! Welcome to Poppin' Thursday.

Four new tourney squads, plus PAT LEAGUE

Daytime basketball is nice, but, for now, let's focus on the little guys instead of the dregs of the big conferences. There's a better chance they'll do something come tourney time, to be honest.

NCAA bids just keep on coming

We celebrate Manhattan, Delaware and Wofford and take a look at four more conference finals.

The plight of the conference champion

This year we've seen an unnaturally large number of teams that won their conferences lose early in tournaments, meaning we won't see them dance. But we don't care, because this is fun. Plus,...

Sunday is jam-packed with important hoops

Sunday brings us three conference tournament finals and four leagues in their semifinals. WE'RE GETTING CLOSE TO MARCH MADNESS, GUYS. Also, let's meet Eastern Kentucky, who are now dancing.

Onions! Everything is happening and breaking

It's the heart of conference tourney season, y'all.

Two teams, three games, one guy, three daggers

Fairfield and St. Peter's played three times this year, and all three ended with a man and a dagger. We genuinely don't think this has ever happened before. Plus, jokes about every single...

Onions! Where you can't beat fate

St. Francis has never been to the NCAA Tournament, and they won't go there this year, because they committed the sin of almost winning. Also, more tidbits on every conference tourney.

Crazy conference tourney finishes and heartbreak

Conference tourney season announced itself Tuesday night with two preposterous finishes in games that you didn't hear about and probably won't matter, except to everybody whose heart was broken.

How to get "Pony" into a college hoops game

If you're watching college basketball online, you can be a part of the action! We hope you're not a jerk, like us. #YearOfThePony


See who has never made the NCAA Tournament, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown State. /shakes fist at the heavens for being a Northwestern fan


The precursor to March Madness is approximately as mad. Let us guide you around the smaller, less beloved brackets of this haywire fortnight, so that you may taste all the regional flavors.

Onions! Where I have failed you deeply

I set out on a difficult quest, and I failed. DAMN YOU, COLLEGE BASKETBALL TELEVISION SCHEDULES!!!!

Onions! The possession arrow and SUPER BOWL

We have one rule whose key design is to make half of the people watching the game arbitrarily angry. That seems like a bad rule! Also, predicting the Super Bowl based on Denver vs. Seattle and...

Onions! On the conference play nosedive

Conference play is a dog crate, and some teams haven't been able to handle it. Will they learn?

Ain't nobody goin' undefeated, says Onions!

None of the three undefeated teams left is going to win every game this season. Book it. Also, talking about my puppy, St. Bonaventure, and saying I TOLD Y'ALL about Toledo.

B1G Onions!

It's pretty clear which league is the best in the land. WE'RE NOT BIASED. (Seriously, we have nothing to gain from it.) Also, delving into ugly mid-court logos and trying too hard.

Onions! Who's No. 1?


Onions! With New Big East, unexpected Toledo

New Big East is not Old Big East, but it's not so bad, guys. Also, talking with the head coach of one of the last undefeated teams in the nation -- and the least expected one.

Onions! On regular season hoops, random DII teams

Regular season college basketball is meaningless, but it adds context to the crazy. Plus, talking to Charlotte head coach Alan Major about his team's upset win over Michigan and wondering who these...

Onions! On the early tournaments, and Jabari

There are 19 tournaments for us to feast on. So let's rank them and make fun of their names! And also talk about Jabari Parker.

Onions! On the new foul rules

College basketball's new rule changes come from the right place, but the constant stream of whistles is actually uglier than the knock-down drag-out play the rules are trying to prevent.

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