PFT Commenter's strong takes

Miami Vice with Don Shula & Mike Ditka


The untold story of the 1987 offseason.

The most important sci-fi football novel ever

NBCSports' Mike Florio wrote a science fiction novel about two time-traveling quarterbacks who go back to play for the 1960 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Crisis pregnancy advice from 90s NFL stars


Joe Gibbs rounded up some people who were willing to talk to NFL fans about abortion in a very '90s PSA.

RG3 is corrupting Johnny Manziel

Browns fans should regard the picture of Johnny Manziel rolling up money as a positive. I mean when was the last time a Browns QB sniffed anything resembling a goal line from inside a 20?

Why I should be RG3's music producer

It all started like most jobs do, with a highly polarizing, overrated quarterback posting an opportunity for employment on his Twitter feed.

An evening with Terry Bradshaw

We sent PFT Commenter to Pittsburgh to see Terry Bradshaw's musical/comedy show. In the process, he learned a lot about the city, the Steelers, and himself.

Journalist strikes back at Mathis' prank

You know who doesn't take to kindly to falsifying receipts? THAT'S RIGHT THE IRS.

Too elite for Pro Football Writers of America?

PFT Commenter was so inspired by the PFWA shaming Marshawn Lynch for not giving them any thing stupid to print that he decided he needed to join this elite membership of football takesmiths.

Roger Goodell has already punished Jim Irsay

The NFL ruined Jim Irsay's chance at a true redemption story by denying him another Super Bowl in his stadium. Shame on Roger Goodell for turning his back on a job creator like Irsay.


This is a bunch of Johnny Manziel weiner jokes

Johnny Manziel needs to relish his time in the pros, but he's got a lot of ketchup to go.


People say weird stuff about Johnny Manziel

The Browns got their man, but what will Johnny do about the one that got away?


Seantrel Henderson is ruining the NFL

The NFL should share drug test results with law enforcement so that players can be punished by the same laws that face you or me.


PFT Commenter's NFL Draft strategy guide

The NFL Draft is complicated. Fortunately, PFT Commenter is here to educate fans and GMs alike on how to survive the Super Bowl of the offseason.


Was Joe Flacco elite last year?

No one will ever get enough of this debate. It is the federalist papers of our time and will only end after Ron Jaworski kills Trent Dilfer in a sundown duel on the 50 yard line.

Mad money, NFL Draft style: Quarterbacks

Here are the REAL reasons that NFL GMs keep changing their big boards when it comes to the 2014 class of QBs.


Don't just tweet, organize!

It's a groundbreaking step in Civil Rights for every football fan in America.

Is 'Draft Day' elite?

The ultimate NFL fan reviews the ultimate NFL film.

Eagles missed the warning signs about DJax

The Eagles buried their head in the sand for too long with Jackson, and now they've got (ostrich) egg on their faces.

The perfect sports take


Jay Mariotti writes the most perfectly terrible sports column in world history. You should read it.

PFT Commenter's billion dollar bracket


Basketball is stupid but if your going to waste your time, you might as well beat the President at something.

A modest proposal for NFL locker rooms

PFT Commenter is a solutions type guy, and he's got an idea for the group shower.

A Mt. Rushmore of Mt. Rushmores

The NFL offseason is a time where people's takes need to be stepped up in order to fill the massive void left without football. A great way to do this is through a device known as Mount Rushmoring.


Super Bowl awards show

Fokls this season has been a pretty neat one I mean we had Jonathan Martin, Greg Schiano, and RG3-13 to be honest it couldnt of gone any better.

Tim Tebow would have won

The Broncos look like idiots for trading their best hope at QB. PFT Commenter explains Denver's biggest mistake.

A Super Bowl party for REAL fans

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? PFT Commenter has some tips for the ultimate NFL fans, from buying the right big screen TV to "smoking" your own dip.

Getting to the bottom of it

The coach has gotten a free pass on his beliefs for too long. It's time for him to educate NFL fans. PFT Commenter explains why Ed Werder should ask Pete Carroll some tough questions on Super Bowl...

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