PFT Commenter's strong takes

The roast of RGIII

PFT Commenter celebrates RGIII's accomplishments this season by putting him on the hot seat.


Week 14 awards: E.L.I.T.E

All new winners this week folks, plus the return of the "Showoff of the week!"

Kirk Cousins' elite wedding registry

Cousins has a registr-WE, Griffin had a registr-ME


Week 13 awards: The next NFL commissioner

With a down week for Danny Woodhead, it's anyone's game.


Where you can find the best NFL savings

The Holiday Shopping Craze isnt just about electronics and toys folks, its also a great time of year to start stocking up on some heavily discounted NFL players, coaches and tickets.

Week 12 awards: Road grading Long bros

I'm not here to make friends FYI. These are the most coveted awards in the NFL and this isnt Obamacamp where everyone gets a trophy for putting there pants on without setting the woods on fire folks, this is the Real Deal.

INFOSCORES: The Atlanta deception

PFT Commenter calls on NFL Fans to Wake Up and Open Their Eyes. If your not a part of the solution, your part of the problem folks.

Week 11 awards: Rob Ford, role model

This week, PFT Commenter shows the NFL fan what they can learn from Rob Ford. Plus, streakers, rail sliders and Kirk Cousins! Warning: Strong takes ahead.

The walking dead

The NFL's a quarterback-driven league, people forget that sometimes. Eventually, the best teams won't even bother drafting running backs. PFT Commenter explains the future of the NFL.

Week 10 awards: Real heroes

Welcome back to a very special edition of PFT Commenter's NFL Awards. Today I do a little big of envestigative journalism in addition to honoring all the men and women serving to make our lives better- thats right NFL players.

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