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The Grizzlies' 2 essential adjustments

The Memphis Grizzlies won a thriller in Oklahoma City thanks to two critical adjustments. One featured Tony Allen, the other included some creative off-ball action offensively.

How Atlanta made Hibbert's life miserable

The Hawks' ability to put five shooters on the court significantly nullified the Pacers big man's impact in Atlanta's stunning Game 1 victory. We explain how in this breakdown.

OKC's D wakes up

The Thunder's defense has been off at times this year, but Wednesday's victory over the Clippers showed what it's capable of doing in a playoff series against a good offensive opponent.

The Pacers are taking shortcuts

The Indiana Pacers' offense is struggling because they are failing to do the selfless things that make good shots possible. Also: A look at how the Mavericks have gotten the most out of Monta Ellis and much more.

The Pistons' D is an embarrassment

The Pistons were always expected to be a work in progress offensively. We did not expect this kind of ineptitude on the other end. Plus: What's wrong with Roy Hibbert?

Joakim Noah is keeping the Bulls afloat

The Bulls' center has been his team's life vest, singlehandedly propping up an otherwise-mediocre squad with his defense and high-post playmaking. Elsewhere: a look at two young guards being stretched beyond their comfort zones and much more.

Meet OKC's stifling D

All the attention has been deservedly given to Kevin Durant, but the other big reason the Thunder are thriving is their stifling defense. Plus: a look at Kevin Love's one major weakness that he must change if he wants to rise in the NBA's hierarchy.

Mission improbable: How to beat Indy's D

It's very difficult to score on the NBA's best defense, but a West Coast trip may have provided some clues for clubs who will have to face Indiana down the line.

Best of the worst

Someone has to emerge from the pack of the awful Eastern Conference behind Indiana and Miami. We assess the field at the season's halfway point. Plus: a look at Mike Conley's transition playmaking.

The NBA's unsung heroes

Which 12 NBA players help their teams more than casual fans realize? We unveil the 2013-14 "Film Room All-Stars."


Streaking Dubs blending old and new

The Warriors have hit the soft underbelly of their schedule and have feasted accordingly, led by the brilliant Stephen Curry, a resurgent David Lee and an elite defense. Also: we look at where Michael Carter-Williams needs to grow to join the point g

The Knicks' sad, awful D

Why do the Knicks look like a high school team on defense? Because they keep thinking they can get away with switching assignments when they obviously can't. Plus: why does Damian Lillard struggle to finish around the basket?

Solar flair: On the Suns' speedy revival

Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe have the speed to put defenses on their heels, but Phoenix needs one more piece to make a playoff run.

Roy Hibbert and the verticality rule

Roy Hibbert is the league's best rim protector and is the key to Indiana's league-best defense, but has he reached the point where his reputation for challenging shots without fouling has allowed him to get away with committing fouls?

Clippers have more work to do

The Clippers are making good progress, but still have lots of stuff to clean up defensively before they become one of the league's elite teams. Plus: how John Wall's court sense has grown and the usual look around the league.

Growing pains

Three teams that made big offseason moves are struggling to integrate new parts, particularly ones whose skills overlap. Can Brooklyn, Detroit and New Orleans turn it around. Plus: a closer look at subtle adjustments in Jeremy Lin's shooting form.

Rockets' bad D is team-wide issue

James Harden's defensive blunders are getting most of the attention, but the rest of the Rockets' perimeter defenders aren't much better. Plus: a look at why Eric Bledsoe is off to such a great start and other notes from the week in the NBA.

The secret to Philly's success

Why are the 76ers 3-0? Because they've changed the conditions of games with their relentless dedication to running the floor. Plus: why Derrick Rose is struggling, the sacrifice of the week and more notes from the beginning of the season.

Nene's cerebral game

Even though his numbers seem ordinary, there are so many ways that Nene helps the Wizards win.

Conley's sneaky footwork

Mike Conley's game doesn't work if the defense knows what's coming. We break down the mechanics that allow Conley to get to the rim when opponents least expect it.

The stop-and-pop king

Few players in the league can shoot off the dribble like Kemba Walker. How does he do it? We break down the footwork behind Walker's devastating stop-and-pop game.

The science of rim protection

Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders is one of the best -- nay, arguably the best -- rim protector in the NBA. But how does he consistently find a way to force missed shots around the basket.

The evolution of West's passing

Old dogs can sometimes learn new tricks. Just look at how David West has channeled his inner Vlade Divac and become such a great distributor in the high post.

We take Smoove's D for granted

It's easy to bag on some of Josh Smith's negatives, but ultimately, there are very few, if any, players in the league that can do as many things as he can. We examine just one of those things: his one-on-one defense.

What makes Pekovic such a load?

It's more than just his size. We break down the work he does in the post before he catches the ball.

The one-man zone

Joakim Noah's defensive impact didn't always live up to his reputation, but that has changed in a big way, thanks to his growth over the past couple seasons.

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