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Miami's revived pick-and-roll defense

The Miami Heat's pick-and-roll defense was awful for six games against the Pacers. In Game 7, Miami rediscovered its magic, devoted itself to stronger defensive rotations and stopped Indiana's most effective play.

LeBron 2.0

LeBron James said he "went back to his Cleveland days" to lead Miami to a Game 5 win over Indiana, but a look at second-half film shows just how much he's evolved since then.

How the Pacers stopped LeBron

Why did LeBron James fail in Game 2 when he succeeded in Game 1? Because the Pacers took the lessons from a botched coverage in Game 1 and rose to the challenge.

Would Hibbert have stopped LeBron?

The Pacers lost on a layup at the buzzer with Roy Hibbert on the bench. But Miami just designed an amazing play, and Paul George botched his coverage.

Memphis' encouraging adjustment

While the Memphis Grizzlies lost Game 2 to the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday, they may have discovered an adjustment that could help propel them back into the series.

Those sneaky Spurs

How did the San Antonio Spurs shred the elite Memphis Grizzlies' defense? By running pick and rolls in a way that the Grizzlies could never anticipate what was coming.

Why Pop benched Duncan

Gregg Popovich made the gutsy decision to sit Tim Duncan down the stretch of the Spurs' Game 6 win over the Warriors. We show you why Popovich made the move and why it ended up working so well.

KD's impossible shot attempts

Sure, Kevin Durant went 2 for his last 14 in the Thunder's narrow Game 4 loss to the Grizzlies, but just look at how difficult all those shot attempts were.

Indiana's near-perfect defense

What was the key to the Pacers' stifling defense in Game 3 against the Knicks? A perfectly-executed philosophy that cut off the three-point line and was enhanced by standout individual defensive performances.

How the empire struck back

The Heat's offense looked completely different in Game 2 than it did in Game 1. How did Miami bounce back and adjust to the Bulls' defense?

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