Prada's Pictures

Picture breakdowns of the NBA, by Mike Prada.

Brooklyn's major spacing problem


The Brooklyn Nets are down 2-1 in their series against the Chicago Bulls because they are consistently playing 3 on 5 offensively. It's time for P.J. Carlesimo to avoid playing Reggie Evans and...

Concerning defensive problems for OKC


The Oklahoma City Thunder did just enough to win Game 2 against the Houston Rockets, but the game should be cause for concern for Thunder fans because of how much Oklahoma City struggled defending...

Denver's awful defense


While Stephen Curry and the Warriors deserve credit for dropping 131 points in a Game 2 victory over the Denver Nuggets, they were aided by some terrible defensive breakdowns.

Did CP3 get away with an offensive foul?

We break down Chris Paul's buzzer beater to beat the Memphis Grizzlies. How did he get his shot off? Did he get away with an offensive foul? Does any of that matter?

The real issue with the Lakers' offense

Many criticized the Lakers for not getting the ball down low enough against the Spurs in Game 1, but was that the real issue? We explain why the fix is more complex than one might think.

Deron Williams: Early-offense genius


Deron Williams was firmly in control in Game 1 of the Nets' playoff series against the Bulls. Here's a look at how he read the help defense beautifully and made plays for himself and others.


Pet plays from playoff teams

Every NBA team has a play or two that they use in a tight spot to get a much-needed bucket. What are those plays for the 16 NBA Playoff teams? We break them all down in this two-day series.

Dwight's backdoor lob


Without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers will need to run more set offense than they did for most of the year. This backscreen play for Dwight Howard is an example of what's possible when that happens.

James Harden's skip passes


James Harden's ability to throw skip passes allows the Rockets to beat overloading defense even on isolation plays. Here is how the Rockets take advantage of Harden's passing.

Blake Griffin in the high post


Blake Griffin has become an elite passer from the high post, but how do the Clippers get him there in a position to take advantage of that skill? This breakdown shows some of the ways.

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