Rudy Gay trade reaction

Analysis of the Rudy Gay trade from around the SB Nation network.

Lionel Hollins tries to move on from Rudy Gay deal

With a lot of negativity surrounding his team following the Rudy Gay trade, Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins attempted to clear the air on Friday before the team's win over the Warriors.

What does the Rudy Gay trade mean for the Warriors


Rudy Gay is going to the Toronto Raptors! No, we don't care about them. The Grizzlies get a couple guys back too. That matters quite a bit.

Do the Spurs benefit from Memphis moving Rudy Gay?

A Spurs-centric scouting report on how the loss of Rudy Gay, and the addition of Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye and Ed Davis will affect the Memphis Grizzlies in their future matchups with the San...

Hollins Sounds Off on Rudy Gay Trade


Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins had some unflattering words about the trade of Rudy Gay. Not so great for the ol' contract extension, there, coach.

Did the Wizards dodge a bullet with no Gay trade?


Were the Wizards right to avoid trading for Rudy Gay? Probably. But if you were trying to make the case that Gay would have been a smart acquisition, it would have looked something like this.

Adventures in absurd Rudy Gay trade analysis

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the Rudy Gay trade story, because of course he did. He's Woj. But then he tried to break down the meaning of the trade, tying in LeBron James, Cleveland and ......

What does the Rudy Gay trade mean for the Bobcats?


The addition of Jose Calderon to the Detroit Pistons has some fans thinking that they'll make a push for the playoffs. If they manage to find themselves in contention for a seed, it could give the...

Watch Tayshaun, Daye and Jose talk about the trade


Hours after learning they were being dealt from the only team they've ever played for, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye and Jose Calderon discussed the trade.

Farewell, Rudy Gay


A Passionate Fan's Formal Farewell to Number 22


Jason Levien defends Grizzlies' trade of Rudy Gay

"We took on players that we thought could play in this deal. I don't see where that comes from. If we were dumping salaries, why would we take on Tayshaun Prince for multiple years?"

Jose Manuel Calderon: A Retrospective


In the wake of last night's trade, Kinnon Yee provides a retrospective of the man who was his favourite Raptor over the past few years, and possibly the best point guard ever to don a Raptors uniform.


Grading the Rudy Gay deal

Who won the three-team trade that sent Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors? SB Nation's Ben Golliver gives his thoughts,

The NBA and Ideology

How we think about what we think about the NBA

Q&A: what's going on in Memphis?


The Grizzlies just traded away Rudy Gay; what do the Memphis faithful think? We turn to Straight Outta Vancouver for some answers.

Gay traded to Raptors; how does it effect Thunder?


Rudy Gay is now a Toronto Raptor. Is this good news or bad news for the Thunder?

Analysis of and poll for the MEM-DET-TOR trade?

This is not Jazz related, but still NBA related

Trade Poetry : "Box Score" by Michael Gossett


A guest post by poet Michael Gossett. A villanelle to welcome Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye, and Ed Davis.

SOV Roundtable: Grading the Rudy Gay Trade


Trisity Miller, Marcus Privitt, and Keith Edwards talk out last night's blockbuster trade of Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors.

GN: Rudy Gay to Raptors


In a big trade that one that's more a salary dump than a blockbuster, 6 players will shift between the Grizzlies, Raptors and Pistons.

The Raptors are totally making sense right now

Trading for a cap-maiming, inefficient wing just makes perfect sense for a young lottery team that already features cap-maiming, inefficient players.

Rudy Gay Trade Implications


The Atlantic got shaken up a bit with Rudy Gay entering. Does that make things tougher for the Sixers as we approach the playoff run?

Why Memphis won the Rudy Gay trade


The Memphis Grizzlies traded away Rudy Gay to save some money and may still have come out better on the other side. We grade each team involved in this three-team deal.

Tip-In: Making sense of it all


A three team trade overshadows last night's game. After struggling with this trade possibility for weeks, the Raptors nation watched as Bryan Colangelo traded away two of their most efficient...

The Negative Side to the Rudy Gay Trade


With the good comes the bad, and that's why we take a look at the negative side of the Rudy Gay trade.

Rudy Gay is in, Calderon and Davis are out.


The Toronto Raptors have reportedly acquired Grizzlies swingman Rudy Gay and big-man Hamed Haddadi as a part of a three-team trade that will send Ed Davis, Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince to...

Rudy Gay trade Positives


Rudy Gay was shipped to Toronto in a trade thats getting viewed in a negative light by fans. Here's a few positives from a Grizzlies perspective.

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