Sardines From The Trawler

Arsenal Far From Crisis Mode, But It's Visible On The Horizon

Fulham's victory against Arsenal is not necessarily a sign of bad things to come for the Gunners, but it is a sobering reminder of what could happen to them this May.

The 2011 Football Year In Review: Ten Big Stories From The World's Biggest Leagues

As a sport that spans the globe, association football provides compelling stories in a number of different countries. We pick one story from ten different leagues to examine in our league in review.

Monday's Clash With Manchester City Could See The Vindication Of Andre Villas-Boas

Andre Villas-Boas, his tactics and his players have been much maligned by the media this season. With a win over Manchester City, Chelsea can shut them up.

Pep Guardiola And Barcelona Have Not Yet Provided An Answer For Real Madrid's Trivot

Jose Mourinho will be dropping an attacking midfielder for a more defensive one for El Clasico, and for good reason. Pep Guardiola has yet to prove he has an answer for the tactic.

For Once, Alex Ferguson Couldn't Make Manchester United Look Like More Than They Are

Manchester United went crashing out of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, but it was only surprising because of Alex Ferguson's track record. The Red Devils have shown signs of mediocrity all season.

Sampaoli: Bielsa disciple without 'El Loco' label

Universidad de Chile manager Jorge Sampaoli has drawn comparisons to Marcelo Bielsa for his teams' style of play, but his team's performances have him breaking out the shadow of a man he admires.

Borussia Dortmund Restores Stability In A Weekend Gone Crazy

This weekend in football featured some high profile failings. Bayern Munich and Chelsea lost. Manchester City beat United 6-1. Lionel Messi missed a penalty. And in all that, one team that had been weird all year returned to normal.

CSKA Moscow, A Sleeping Giant, Finally Woke Up

CSKA Moscow have scored eight goals in their last two games, and they appear set for a place in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United: Dropping Your Best Players Isn't All Bad

In today's Sardines From The Trawler, we explain why Alex Ferguson is smarter than you are

For Once, Lionel Messi Wasn't Great For Argentina, But It's Hardly His Fault

Lionel Messi didn't play well for Argentina on Tuesday, but the entire Argentina team was abysmal. Sardines From The Trawler looks at the tired cliche that Messi isn't good for his country.

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