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Best of SB Nation's Big Ten coverage.


We're not ready to declare AIRBHG dead after one season, but Iowa looks strangely loaded at halfback.

Basketball Recruiting Big Board 6.10.14


With the the July evaluation period coming up, Pat Chambers and Penn State are in the running for some serious talent. Can they close the deal and compile what would be one of the best recruiting classes in recent school history?

Way Too Early Look at Purdue's 2014-15 Depth Chart


Purdue's depth chart will likely be up in the air until the fall, but we'll continue our series taking a look at the Boilermakers's potential lineup.

Greg Oden - The Big Ten's Last Hope


An unlikely player has become the Big Ten's last remaining player in the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

A look back at Tatgate: What if?


The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published a detailed look back at the fallout from Jim Tressel's resignation. The stories raise some very interesting What If questions for Buckeye fans.

OTE Interviews Paul Finnebaum


ESPN expert Paul Finnebaum sits down with MNWildcat to break down the CG Technology lines for the Big Ten in 2014.

Best college football stadiums for the World Cup


With the 2022 Qatar World Cup looking like it is getting shakier, the most logical choice for a host if a revote happens is the United States. Now what if we used college football stadiums for some of the venues. We rank the 10 best sites.

Why Carter was MD's best possible 2015 option


The Georgia Tech transfer gives Maryland a proven big man with a blue-chip pedigree.

Podcast: Trying out for TBDBITL, UM ticket woes


On the latest Hangout in the Holy Land, we chat with one of LGHL's newest writers, Patrick Martyn, about TBDBITL tryouts, new Big Ten Championship sites, and more.

Predicting the Top 5 Most Improved B1G Players


Who will be making the leap in the 2014-15 season? BTPowerhouse's Christopher Novak makes an honest attempt at guessing.

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