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Unmitigated excitement is totally allowed


Forget about 2015. The A's just traded a roughly three-win outfielder for an ace. Their fourth ace. Oakland's front four is as follows, in no particular order because everyone on this list is a...

Pirates getting creative with defensive shifts


The 2014 season is the year of defensive shifts. With every team employing advanced defensive tactics, we would expect to see a spike in defensive efficiency. But, surprisingly, there hasn't been a...

Home Run Derby: Tweeting our way to a Cespedes win


Twitter was fun tonight.

Bob Davidson and the god complex of MLB umpires


Brad Miller got thrown out of the game for "arguing" balls and strikes last night, but it was really home plate umpire Bob Davidson's ridiculous antics that caused things to go south.

MLB's strange brew


When MLB announced the addition of beer vending machines at Target Field, it also announced the end of four decades of trying to limit fans' alcohol consumption.



Fighting perfection and the melted chocolate running down my chin.

Clayton Kershaw reminds you he's the best

You had doubts. Kershaw politely reminded you of your foolishness.

Hawkins still thriving


Hawkins has had a long journey back to the Rocky Mountain region (including a brief stop in Denver in 2007), where he first arrived in 1994 while in the Twins organization, but he never strayed...

*Everything is not Mike Matheny's fault

Criticizing the manager is part of a fan's right, and Mike Matheny has come under fire this season for many questionable decisions. The players are responsible for wins and losses, but the manager...

All Hail


Felix Hernandez's 2014, in graph form!

A Plea to the Royals to Show Some Self-Respect


Did the Yankees have a ceremony for George Brett?

Roenis Elias is making it up as he goes


Roenis Elias decided that facing the best 2-3-4 in baseball, with a complete game shutout on the line, was a good time to try out a new trick.

Troy Tulowitzki's Magnificent May


A sequel to Troy Tulowitzki's Awesome April - Tulo's been about as good in the month of May, which is insane.

#Hornsup! #Steak! Nationals 6-3 over Mets in D.C.


Wilson Ramos drove in four runs. Ian Desmond continued to pick things up at the plate with another home run. The Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets, 5-3 in today's series finale to improve...

Is the game rigged?


The Colorado Rockies may be operating at the largest competitive disadvantage in all of American professional team sports. Here's why.

Will the rash of pitcher injuries change baseball?


More pitchers are getting injured. Is it a correctable problem?

The Intentional Walk Rage Scale (IWRS) Leaderboard


Last week Joe Posnanski created the Intentional Walk Rage Scale (IWRS). Here we put the IWRS to use and evaluate all of the intentional walks from the 2014 season.

Book review: Jason Grilli's 'Just My Game'


Just My Game is the autobiography of a baseball player. It exists only because Jason Grilli is very good at playing a sport. Holding him to too high a standard would be unfair, since Grilli isn't...

The Marlins, run differential, and expectations

The Miami Marlins continue on their run of dominant play, boasting one of the best run differentials in baseball despite a close-to-.500 record. But is their trajectory upwards or downward as the...



The Mariners have wound back and forth to end up at .500, and there's more than a little light down the tunnel.

A Royal whine


They gave you a winning team, but Royals "officials" feel unloved. Won't you love them?

What if Donald Sterling owned a baseball team?

A thought exercise combined with a history lesson, designed for people who need to put everything into a baseball-related context.

*Appreciating Albert Pujols from afar


Albert Pujols reached one of baseball's great milestones in hitting 500 home runs, but he did it for another team. Many were bitter when he left St. Louis, but now is a good time to appreciate the...

Pimpgate 2011 and the return of Jered Weaver


You remember what happened when Jered Weaver faced the Tigers at Comerica in 2011, right? Let's relive that a bit, shall we?

A beautifully simplistic evening at Wrigley Field


Safeco Field has a lot to offer even if the neighborhood doesn't, but it's nothing like the stripped-down experience at Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

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