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Looking back on the career arc of Shane Battier

The Heat's Shane Battier announced he would be retiring at the end of the season, barring an "act of God." HHH looks at his career, his impact in Miami and why fans may need to start praying.

Sam Dalembert's Tyson impression

The first half of Dalembert's season was forgettable, but since the All-Star Break, he's really starting to come into his own -- and not a moment too soon.

Are Dion Waiters and Bradley Beal that different?

So far, the 2011 drafts' #3 and #4 picks have taken different paths to the same result.

Rockets Lose Beverley; Fans Lose Minds

A critical look at the impact of losing Patrick Beverley and it's impact on the Rockets' regular season and playoff aspirations. Just how much does Patrick Beverley, standing alone, matter?

Doubts gone, only winning remains

They weren't supposed to be here. But the Phoenix Suns now have their destiny in their own hands, and the NBA had better be ready for the Suns big stage.

Should Beasley see the floor?

Michael Beasley has the potential to be a force off the Heat bench, and with the end of the season approaching, and the Miami rotation in flux, now might be the perfect time.

DeMarcus Cousins: Taking the good with the bad

DeMarcus Cousins has avoided his 16th technical foul for a month now. Will it last though?

Monta a better Dirk co-star than Deron?

While many Mavs fans were devastated by the front office's failure to get Deron Williams into a Mavs jersey a couple of years ago, the emergence of Monta Ellis this season has left many of us wondering "so what?"

PATFO's decision to re-sign Splitter is paying off

A perennially undervalued performer, Tiago Splitter, symbolizes the value of consistency and continuity in the Spurs' remarkably successful system.

The Griffin Force

What is the secret sauce behind Clippers wins? Check out the latest scoop from our guest number cruncher, Swetha Prabhakar, to understand the Clippers' statistical keys to success.

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