SB Nation Winter Meetings Simulation

While the real GMs are in Nashville making real trades and signing real players, we're going to sit here and pretend we're them.

SBN Winter Meetings Sim Wrap Pt 2: Everything Else


Payroll considerations, trades I didn’t make, and general thoughts.

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How to workout without a gym


Gyms are expensive, super crowded, and they always seem to reel you back into membership. But you don’t need one to get fit.

Old Man Duggan's Shadow Royals: Unabridged


As the Royals' Faux GM in the SBNation-wide, RoyalsRetro-curated 2013 Winter Simulation, Old Man Duggan wheeled and dealt his way to probable improvement but at the clear cost of his sanity, to...

SB Nation Simulation: Thursday's Moves


The simulated Mets bring a couple of pitchers on board to round out the bullpen.

SB Nation Mock GM: Tigers sign Sean Burnett


Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT REAL! If you are unaware of what the SB Nation Mock GM Winter Meetings are, read this. The Fake Tigers made another move to improve their roster today, signing left-handed...


I'm playing the Braves GM in a Sim

SB Nation is doing a Sim GM thingy during the winter meetings, and I'm playing the part of the Braves GM. The idea is to reset to the end of the season and make all the moves from scratch. This is...

Mock Winter Meetings: Twins Free Agent Market News


The Simulation Twins may have news on the way this afternoon.

SB Nation Mets Bring Back Hairston


It took two years, $9 million to bring back the powerful platoon outfielder.

SB Nation Mock GM: Tigers sign Jeremy Guthrie


The Fake Tigers bolstered their rotation this afternoon by adding Fake Jeremy Guthrie to the fold for three years.

Fake Reds get De Aza from fake White Sox


Red Reporter's Reds accomplished the team's top priority, getting Alejandro De Aza from the White Sox for Tony Cingrani.

Mock Winter Meetings: Twins Ink Ohman


In an effort to add talent to their bullpen, the Twins sign Ohman to a 1-year, $1 million dollar contract.

SBNation Winter Meetings Sim: Day 2


Day two of the fake Winter Meetings dawns with a fake new-look Reds team. A pair of big fake trades went down yesterday, changing the fake lineup dramatically. Let's take a look at what didn't...

In SB Nation Simulation, Mets Extend Dickey


Two years, $24 million with a no-trade clause keeps Dickey around in the simulated world.

The SB Nation simulation is under way!


Follow along with KenWo as he takes charge of the White Sox in the SB Nation Simulation!

The SB Nation Winter Meetings Simulation


What would happen if the SB Nation network of MLB sites took over as the general managers of our favorite teams?

SB Nation Winter Meetings Simulation: Day 1

Over at the SB Nation Kansas City Royals blog Royals Review, all of the SB Nation baseball blogs are participating in a winter meetings simulation, and Fish Stripes is representing the Miami...

Simulation: Red Reporter's Reds trade for Choo


In a trade that literally took, like, all morning to work out, Red Reporter's Reds acquired Shin-Soo Choo and left-handed reliever Nick Hagadone from the Indians for Homer Bailey and and Chris Heisey.

SB Nation Mock GM: Fake Tigers deal for Cuddyer


The Fake Detroit Tigers have dealt Fake Rick Porcello for Fake Michael Cuddyer and Fake Jordan Pacheco. Please note that this is not real.

SBNation Winter Meetings Simulation


SBNation is doing this thing where each of the blogs represents their team at the Winter Meetings. Things are gonna get fonky bananas.

Winter Meetings Open Thread/Simulation Game


Cup here, again. I’m writing to let AN readers know of a game I am participating in with representatives from the other 29 SBN baseball blogs. Thought you might like to follow along.

SB Nation's Mock Winter Meetings: Twins for Sale!


At Twinkie Town our goals are similar to those of our real life counterparts: we need pitching!

SB Nation Mock GM: Can we out-do DD?


Can BYB actually run the Tigers? We get a shot at it (sort of) over the next week or so.

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