SEC Football 2014

SEC football news, recruiting, scores and more.

14 for '14: The Race for the West


The most heated rivalry takes on the greatest importance.

Drew Kaser for Heisman: shatters light in practice facility


10 Days Until...


Alabama-WVU is 10 days away! We don't have to look far to find our favorite #10!

The Idiot Optimist's Guide to the 2014 Season


An annual look at how the Vols will go undefeated this season.

Practice Report & Saban's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Crimson Tide Fall Football Practice Report: Back To Work

Tea Leaves: Depth Chart Predictions (DEFENSE)


Predicting the depth chart and previewing the defense.

Auburn Position Preview: Offensive Line


How will losing Greg Robinson to the NFL and Alex Kozan to injury affect the Tigers?

14 for '14: The Race for the East


The South Carolina-Georgia rivalry is one of the odder ones in football.

The Bitter Wisconsinite's Guide to Arkansas FB


Obstensibly, this is a preview of Arkansas football for 2014. More realistically it's just an excuse to volley 800 words at Bret Bielema's fat head.

Ole Miss Football Playoff: 2013 vs. 2008


To better understand the new College Football Playoff, we've chosen four Ole Miss teams from recent history to determine which would win this hypothetical national championship. Our first matchup...

Position Preview: Offensive Line


Who will step up and be an impact player for the Crimson Tide in the trenches?

LSU 2014 Position Previews: Running Backs


It may not be the big question everybody's focused on, but this is the marquee position on LSU's offense in 2014.

One Second


Auburn debuted new NCAA commercials, today.

Patrick Towles had to take the hard path

In a time when taking the easy way out is the most frequent method, Towles bucked that trend and got to work.

The NFL Needs Johnny Manziel


When was the last time any of us actually cared about an NFL preseason game?

Camp Recap: It's Getting Hot In Hurr


Mizzou practices in the heat for the first time, the offensive line keeps scrambling around, Jimmie Hunt pulls a hammy, and the secondary (might) have some depth.

McKenzie isn't enough to fix special teams


Freshman WR Isaiah McKenzie is getting a lot of hype this preseason, but he alone isn't nearly enough to fix Georgia's long standing special teams issues.

Delusional Optimism Lives In the Now


Still waiting on The Decline...

5 terrible ideas better than Finebaum on the SECN


Because it hasn't even been a week, and I've had enough.

2014 MSU Opponent Preview: Alabama


Take a look at the preview of MSU's game against Alabama, complete with crazy tweets from Alabama fans.

Alabama Opponent Preview: Arkansas Razorbacks


2012: Bama 52 Ark 0; 2013: Bama 52 Ark 0; 2014: Bama ? Ark ?

Defensive Back Rankings


Which SEC teams have the best secondaries?

14 for '14: LSU's Inexperience vs. Miles' Record


The Tigers head coach has made a habit of stringing together 10-win seasons, no matter what you think of him and no matter the odds. Why should this year be any different?

Ice Bucket challenge and what's your Tiger name?


Gary Pinkel accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge but forgot the name of Mizzou's mascot

Podcast: Previewing the SEC and the Aggies in 2014


In case you needed a more official sign that college football was about to begin, the Around Aggieland Show is back on the air.

Matulis, Smith suffer severe injuries


South Carolina announced on Monday it enters the 2014 season down at least one - and perhaps more - scholarship players.

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